SolGang Pandas weapon set!

Lets fight! Lets beat! Lets blow up this s**t!

Hey, Gangers!

As we move closer to our beta we decided to reveal some details about coming game and its perks! Everyone wants to win, everyone wants to have an advantage of his enemy! Eh if only Mike could have some of these weapons to thrash that guy from the bar (Oh! If you still haven’t read Mikes story — don’t miss it, thats awesome!)
But what happened is happened! But anyway rest assured — you won’t make the same mistake as Mike’s, since we equip you with all the weapons you need to kick start!

Well, well, ganger lets see what we have!

  • Hidden blade “Tricky joke” — ideal for those who like act faster and quietly!
  • Star Sword “Red Woosh!” — even if you don’t use it in a fight, you can just wave it like “Woosh”, “Woosh”!
  • Heavy Mace “Balls breaker” — Well, you know, this thing is pretty hard to lift above the belt…
  • Molotov cocktail “Fire Passion” — As hot as your ex, as dangerous as her new boyfriend
  • Bamboo stick “Bigger needle” — Your enemy won’t need toothpick if you knock their teeth out. Be smarter!

And the last for today but not at all, your favourite!

  • Daggers-say — “One hit — three holes”. Its not about threesome, its about…but okay, sounds ambiguous. Nevermind, just… just use it as you wish!

Stay tuned to learn about other perks and weapons! There are many interesting things coming! Don’t miss it!

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The GangSol Pandas were called to turn up the P2E world and smash it!