Our Proposed Future

The Future Direction

The Motivation

This project started out with humble ambitions. We simply wanted to bring fine art to the pfp NFT scene. We could never have anticipated the reaction our project has received. From collectors who truly connect with the art to hugely significant individuals reaching out to offer support.

This project has been blessed with one of the most engaged communities in the space. There has been a growing support since launch, and we feel we have built something truly special here.

We understand the level of ambition in this proposed future. However, this team is confident in our ability to execute. We are well connected with the correct people, and lucky enough to be in consistent talks with individuals that have already walked this road. They will now be stepping up to advise and help us as we move forward.

Our Legacy


We want to realise the full potential of this project.

It is for this reason we are bringing our storyline of the ‘The Fracture’ to life.

We are creating three Factions within ‘The Fracture’. These two additional collections will be known as ‘The Bridged’ and ‘The Forgotten’. They will be airdropped to SolGods holders for free.

Something we are excited to bring to this project is the creation and development of our own native token / point system, and subsequent yielding mechanic. To earn this yield you _must_ be holding ‘The Fracture’ NFT.

We have multiple significant organisations and individuals within the crypto space and specifically in the Solana ecosystem that have expressed their intention to support our token. The names and details will remain undisclosed until there are finalised confirmations and/or contracts in place in order to uphold the integrity of the ongoing conversations with these potential partners.

These tokens/points will be exchangeable for various assets such as physical merchandise and exclusive NFTs that can only be bought via this token/points.

The God Particle Collection (Enigma V1 Winners)

We are working with a large blockchain integrated merchandise company that is currently responsible for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) merch to finalise the details of allowing our holders to bring their unique NFTs to life.

We are very conscious of the rapid development and pace of change within this space. This is why we are actively looking to build on the individuals conscious experience of this project. We want to transform the seed that was planted with the Holy Enigma, a playable puzzle including a reward incentive, to producing more visceral interactive experiences.

We are in talks with two game development companies to bring The Fracture universe to life in a truly immersive way. This will involve a grind mechanic in order to ‘earn’ more token/points as a holder. Combining gaming culture and reward incentive is something this team feels passionate about.

We want to continually bring the best representation of this project to our community. We envision a world in which you adventure as your chosen faction, battling and questing in a highly social environment. Combining this with blockchain integration is our multi-year long ideology that we will be passionately embarking on.

Sacred Symbols (Enigma v2 collection)

The Universe we are building

The Fracture

Recently we created what we have called ‘The Fracture’. This title encapsulates the fantasy world in which our story exists. The primary characters within this story being ‘The Gods’. For those that are not familiar with The Fracture story, the arrival of the Gods is the catalyst event which set our world into complete disorder and chaos.

Within The Fracture there are three ‘Factions’.

  1. The Gods
  2. The Bridged
  3. The Forgotten

Identity is important to us, and this is partly why we have created factions to further capture the NFT space’s imagination. We love the idea that this has the potential to onboard new community members that didn’t resonate with the Gods’ very unique aesthetic.

As The Fracture develops we are actively looking to bring this fantasy world to life in more visceral ways. We plan to build the Factions to have different strengths/weaknesses. This will be to facilitate inter-community competitions, with an earning mechanic as a reward. Alongside this, we are looking to include ‘bounties’ where members can wager your points against a different faction.

The Fracture — The Airdropped NFT

We are still in the development stage of bringing our planned utility to ‘The Fracture’ NFT. Essentially this NFT will be your yield token. This means in order to earn yield you _must_ have a Fracture NFT.

*We are still yet to overcome the ability of ‘stacking’ tokens to gain extra yield, it is for these reasons we cannot confirm that having multiples will grant you extra yield.

The Fracture Audio NFT (Airdropped to holders)

A deeper dive…

Our original Gods community will always be the focus of this project. It is for this reason all SOL Gods NFT token holders will be airdropped the next two factions ‘The Bridged’ and ‘The Forgotten’ for FREE.

This being said, we are always looking for ways to reward God’s holders continuously. This will remain a top priority for the team. We’re excited to bring new and exciting rewards to our holders.


We have on-boarded a well staffed development team that will be assisting us in the production of our next phase, this primarily includes our token. We are building a means in which owners of ‘The Fracture’ will earn a yield which will either look like a native token/currency or a points system.

These points will be exchangeable for various different assets. This will range from Solgods/Fracture merchandise all the way to exclusive NFT artwork from our collection that can only be attained through exchanging the points/token.

We are engaged with a number of protocols and significant individuals who are looking to realise the full potential of this token/points system. These individuals will remain nameless until there is finalisation of the proposed partnership.

An ethos that we are in full support of is the ability to merge a social gaming culture with financial incentive/reward. We aim for the primary function of ‘The Fracture’ NFT to allow a seamless way to yield our token/points in immersive interactive ways.


We will be continuing to tell the story of The Fracture through various forms of media. We are now working with animators to produce more content in this direction.

We love the idea of not being unidimensional in how we present this project. This is why you may have noticed not all our artwork is done in the legacy @FunkSteady style with the easily identifiable cross hatched shaded style.

We are currently in talks with some digital architects to design a ‘playable’ experience that may or may not contain a complicated solvable puzzle.. ;)


Interactivity has always been a central theme of this project.

The first iteration of this theme was the Holy Enigma. We want to bring more opportunities like this to the community. Those who engage with the project to a significant extent will be rewarded for doing so.

The Holy Enigma V2 Puzzle Book

Moving forward we will be looking to organise more events with an interactive community element. This will take the form of SolGods Poker tournaments and chess tournaments as some initial examples. This being said, we are _always_ listening to our community if suggestions of additional events are offered.

This brought about the first SOL Gods meet up that will be happening in London, January 2022.


SOL God Merch has never been a primary focus of our project, however listening to our community is a priority to us.

We have begun the process of collaboration with a specialist NFT merch company who we will be working closely with. This company is hugely experienced and currently supplies merch for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

This will be available for shipping worldwide and will have blockchain integration so you can bring your own unique SOLGod to life with IRL collectibles.


A Solgods DAO has also been something that was not part of our initial plans.

We now have a community driven initiative regarding this. It is something we are more than happy to see and we will be looking towards donating a small percentage of future fundraises to this DAO. This will be used to support community initiatives that we believe will be mutually beneficial to both the community member and the project.

Gods build together.


We have been discussing the realisation of the end goal within our project. This is something we currently don’t wish to clearly define. As time goes on, new and interesting ways of bringing NFTs to life through conscious experience present themselves, we want to stay adaptable and open to implement the best representation of the technology that we build on.

What we can say, is what our vision is…

A multiple player experience, alongside fellow community members in an immersive and interactive format. This will be partnered with an earning mechanic to facilitate a reward system.


Art is the itch that cannot be scratched. There is only deeper immersion.

This journey ahead is long and exciting. The key component is that we are embarking on this journey together.



The SOL Gods team ❤




6,666 Supply Pfp art project inspired by metaphysical artist Giorgio de Chirico.

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The Fracture

The Fracture

6,666 Supply Pfp art project inspired by metaphysical artist Giorgio de Chirico.

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