A whole lot happened in Cville this week

When we say we are still fighting fascism every day here in #Charlottesville, we mean it… Here is a glimpse of just some of what happened this past week:

  1. Three UVA undergraduate students were found guilty for trespassing on their own campus because they dared to call out the university’s complicity in white supremacy.
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Students demonstrate at UVA Bicentennial Commemoration

2. A Federal grand jury has been convened regarding attacks in August. Grand Jury hearings are secretive proceedings that can coerce testimony from whomever they choose. It is an already fascist tool now currently at the disposal of our fascist federal government. They say they are investigating Nazis, but they can lie about that. Besides, we know that the federal government traces back to our very own Nazi sympathizer in chief.

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3. Jason Kessler, the local White supremacist who has been harassing Black community leaders in Charlottesville for over a year and who organized the August 12 white supremacist attack on Charlottesville, has applied for another permit for another fascist rally August 12, 2018.

4. A white male lawyer hired by the city of Charlottesville released a 200-page report on the summer of hate outlining the many, many failings of the Charlottesville police department. These failings included failure to keep the streets closed in a way that could have actually prevented the Nazi in a car from killing Heather Heyer, injuring dozens severely, and traumatizing hundreds. The report also contained many threatening dangerous inaccuracies regarding anti-racist work in Charlottesville.

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The “independent” report’s cover is indicative of its purpose: to scapegoat Charlottesville’s black police chief

5. City Council meetings are every other Monday at 7 PM, but since the investigative report will be released and discussed this Monday at 7 PM, the city Council meeting will start at 4 PM. Anti-racist activists will be there starting at 4 and will stay till it’s over. Folks have regularly been there past 11, sometimes past midnight.

If you’re asking if we’re OK the answer is we are not OK. We are, however, alive and loving fiercely and still in the struggle. We know that the work we’re doing is tied in with years of resistance work in Charlottesville, and in Virginia and we act out of deep respect for and debt to those black and brown women and femmes who have lead the charge.

Thank you for paying attention. With love and rage.

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Solidarity Cville generates local, accessible, and community-centered media that amplify the marginalized voices of Charlottesville, VA.

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