A Reflection … (Dating and the Up and Down Cycle)

Hi Folks!

This is my first story so bare with me. I have always been a person who has strived to see the good in people rather than the bad and this is definitely something that has challenged me in the dating life. In March my partner and I will reach 2 years of dating. It hasn’t been easy but no relationship is right?

We met organizing low wage workers in Seattle and also healthcare workers to get better pay and better working conditions at their jobs. For me this was a match made in heaven; getting drunk together, taking day trips, hiking, and having conversations about white privilege, sexism, racism, etc. However, just like with any relationship the honeymoon phase passes by….

I reflect and think what the hell has happened?? Our emotions are up and down, we argue about the littlest things (things like me eating the last slice of pizza :P) and we’d rather… I’d rather spend time away from her than with her. I have noticed her differences and I’m sure she has as well.. I’m extroverted, she’s introverted. I’m always out of the house looking for an adventure, she’d rather stay home. Sex is only now twice a week rather than twice a day.. What happened???

Then I think about what we have done together, we talk regularly, we cook together, we go out to the movies together, we do little things to please each other, Valentine’s day was great and I smile when I see her. What’s unsettling is the up and down, and you know what……., it’s completely normal. I could never leave or not be with her because you know what, she’s my best friend. Sure, we’re opposites at times but I know that she doesn’t want to hurt me in any way shape or form. I know that she has been an inspiration to me and would give me her last. I know that our love is real, nurturing, and unconditional. I know that she’s the the best thing I have had since living here in the PNW. We also work full time and have so many people we care for as well.

I guess I wrote this story because I needed to vent and remember that love is a growing process, it’s not perfect and it changes sometimes. However, reflecting on the good and why we’re with the ones we love is important. Living in the present is likewise important as well because guess what?! At this present moment in writing this I’m looking at my phone and her name has popped up with a text message and it says, “I’m in love with you. I wish I could hold your hand right now.”

It’s raining but that warmed my heart, and I then remember how crazy I am about her.

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