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Coding is one of the most interesting things for programmers and software developers. You started doing it for fun, it was your hobby, it was your passion and later your passion becomes your job. Of course, you hear of burnout and you say “burnout is not for me, I know how to manage stress, I am not the kind of guy that burnout, I am in control of my life” until boom it hits you. The fatigue, darkness and might even feel like you don’t want to stay in front of a computer any longer.

What Is Burnout?

Burn out is a syndrome…

Awesome Flutter Engineers

What Is Diffuse

Diffuse is a tool by Jake Wharton for diffing APKs, AABs, AARs, and JARs in a way that aims to provide both a high-level view of what changes along with important detailed output. —

It is meant to be used on small changes, such as those that occur in a single PR or git SHA. It is a tool to analyze the changes between two APKs by providing a high-level view of what has changed. With the continuous merging of code into the mainline/repository, the changes to the APK may go unnoticed.

While one is trying to reduce the…

Awesome Flutter Engineers

Smartphones are used everywhere. Daily usage of smartphones includes entertainment, banking, shopping, videos, images, etc. For smartphones to do many of the things their users request, applications on the smartphone need internet access. Internet access is needed to book movie tickets, order for food, download and watch videos, etc.

To develop apps that fetch data from the Internet, you’ll need to know how to make network requests and how to handle the responses properly.

One could have wondered how we get data from anywhere in just a click of a button. Say we want to access weather data, we can…

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