Millennials are not our saviours!

© Christian J. Georgiev-Fries 2016

I was asked what do I think, does this article have any ring of truth to it?

“The best way to keep millenials-engaged”

Read it first before reading my response…

We are the most entitled generation ever or so it seems! Lol, a large majority of young adults in my age group have been told when we were growing up that we could be whatever we wanted. But really, we were following orders, doing as we are told, becoming submissive tools in an unsharpened reality of the 21st century. To me, from this starting point, we have done very little to do anything about it to bring success to our own plates (not everyone but a lot, and voting doesn't count). We think we know everything and can do everything because we were raised in the golden age of Internet and personal devices. This, I feel, has given us a false sense of accomplishment in knowing we are right thus becoming entitled. It has given us access to all the knowledge in the world, but in reality, most don’t know anything of tangible success. We just make high scores on candy crush, get or even now BUY thousands of likes on IG or FB. All fake and made up ego boosters, subtly sculpting and cutting away at our individuality. We must fit in and be “liked.” It’s high school all over again! I’m sick of it, aren’t you?!

We got awards as kids for just participating, which I feel, have given most millennial’s a false since of accomplishment. This in turn has become a driving force of half-truths, creating a false sense of knowing, empowerment, and thinking. We feel “that we deserve better than we are really worth…” I feel it’s all a sham. Most people won’t put in the hard work but expect to be praised for merely showing up :/ Who is to blame, our parents, our teachers or us? I say all three!

To me it’s an epidemic of the egos from today’s youth passed down from the imploding growth of material successes, driven by the baby boomer generations selfish needs and wants to have things bigger and better, especially in USA. And while not all are this way, most just fall rank in file to these sort of surveys and thought patterns, because most of them have never thought for themselves. I feel that most are content with how status quo has kept their best collective interests at heart, or so we’ve been duped into thinking.

This is what is really wrong with society as a whole, we place a huge emphasis of this entitlement on the coming generations with tons of supposed supporting evidence that “we are like this or like that,” but really these people who are polled never really thought about what it was they are agreeing with. This is a symptom of the human condition, not a millennial, baby boomer or silent generation problem. We all want to fit in and will say whatever we think is correct, even if we don’t actually agree with it just to be accepted as apart of the pack. Typical slave like mentality, sit down, shut up and KNOW YOUR PLACE! When in reality we could all rise up and break down these stereotypes that plague our freewill, diminishing any light that is left in our own since of selves…This is to blame mostly on programmed Tel-Lies-To-Vison’s lack of regulated content. Once again, not measuring self worth but instead filling the quote with growth and profits instead of being concerned with the masses mental well being. Just flip through the thousands of channels dibble that is on todays screens, and you will know, that with an open mind these people are all being brainwashed day in and day out.

It is in our passiveness that most have fallen victim to this sort of programming, instead of actively engaging our brains by reading writing or philosophising. I feel, if we made an effort to understand things like eternal and absolute truths, for example, is there a god, do multiple realties exist on our plane, or are there aliens, or are some political people actually reptilians running the world via a mind control machine in space. We would be better off for sure if we as a whole society addressed these things un-biased with an open mind, but for now we stay in the dark cave as Plato’s metaphor goes.

These things all sound like conspiracy theories, but to me they are more interesting than the normal status quo that everyone subscribes to. I feel we are too afraid to ask these questions in light that we may be made fun of, persecuted or worse, to be out-casted from being apart of society’s mind controlling games. When we are in a pack we feel strong but when we are alone most feel weak, this is to blame on our programming as humans, or the lack there of.

I fall somewhere in between. I expect my hard work to be praised but at the same time I’m unsatisfied with how I’m treated because sometimes no one is identifying my true potential. Other times they are, that’s just being an adult, you take the good with the bad and the bad with the even better! It’s very frustrating to say the least but can be exhilarating and risky at times, which is nice change of pace, to be challenged and pushed. I get work that makes me feel of value and at the same time my title of my job stays the same. I guess it’s all how I see reality, or how I make it up to be. Tis all messed up. But most people who put in the hard work don’t get recognised a lot of the time. That’s a human condition, we are all guilty of wanting better and more than we deserve even if we know we don’t deserve those things, but deep down we try and convince ourselves that we should “treat ourselves”. This is for a good reason; most of us are programmed to be entitled teenage brats, wanting to fill our metaphorical bottomless pit of despair and greed with trivial and materialistic endeavours and things. Makes me sick!

Welcome to humanity… lol but in all seriousness, I believe we are all great beings and deserve to be treated and respected equally. But we can still do better than we as humans have done up until now. We as humans have to work for it just like everyone before us, by putting up or shutting up. I feel only by setting short term, self-serving goals can we truly be satisfied with how the world acknowledges our accomplishments and us. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, they all matter, we all matter. Just be proud of you regardless of how society sees you. The people who actually matter will see that and give you praise. So lets end this comparison of this generation vs. that older dinosaur generation and learn from each-others mistakes and successes.