Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

Blargle, what a weekend. I spent most of it cursing my landlord and trying to hold our apartment together with spit and prayers —first, racing around with bowls when we got six leaks during the CRAZIEST rainstorm. (Flooding! Sinkholes! California never does anything halfway.) Then our kitchen sink clogged, and it clearly needs a plumber. We’ve had no way to cook or do dishes for 72 hours, so my roommates and I spent a lot of time being grouchy and a lot of money eating out.

In the last six months, we’ve dealt with ants, moths, rats, several plumbing problems and a badly leaking roof, and I’m starting to wonder a) when the plague of locusts is arriving and b) how much I’m willing to put up with to live in this apartment, which is beautiful and falling apart, but is rent stabilized.

Had all the meals out ($75), picked up embroidery and gardening supplies ($25), got gas ($25) and went to a museum — I bought tickets ($25), the boy treated to lunch. Also re-watched the first season of Friends, including “The One With Five Steaks and An Eggplant,” which is a surprisingly real-feeling discussion about having, or not having, money. Would recommend to Billfolders!

Estimated $125 and spent $150 — not bad, considering not being able to cook threw things out of whack.

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