Dude I feel you on this one.

Gruh, the lack of ability to discern between real/fake news is freaking me out. Am trying to find a news literacy organization to throw money at.

Seconding Just_MM on CIR and ProPublica. (They are, happily, awash in cash after John Stewart recommended people donate there. He has two writers who used to work there.)

Also: Center for Public Integrity, Investigative Reporters and Editors, the Journalism and Women Symposium, and the Ida B. Wells Society, which supports POC in investigative journalism.

Ironically, Santa Barbara is like the only city in the country where I would recommend against supporting the local paper, since it’s um, insane. But maybe the LA Times? They’ll have a pretty good grasp on California and the West, AKA, the seat of the Trump resistance.

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