$9,000 per year (or $750 per month)
Until the Robot Cars Arrive, Here Is How Much You’re Paying Per Year of Car Ownership
Nicole Dieker

That figure only seems accurate for people who drive expensive cars that aren’t paid off.

I live in L.A., where insurance rates are high and parking is expensive, and I’ve paid an average of $320 per month for gas, parking, insurance and maintenance over the last three years. (Most months, it’s closer to $200, but there have been a few $$$$ repairs.)

I would pay slightly less if I didn’t own a car — probably $250 a month, between Uber, Lyft, bikeshare and transit —and wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance, but the amount of time I would spend getting places would double.

Right now, the convenience and time savings are worth the extra $50 to $70 a month. But maybe that will change if/when the cost of ride-sharing drops.

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