Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

It rained this weekend, which happens so rarely that I like to enjoy it by curling up at home and doing nothing. Thankfully, I squeezed a little of that in between Things I Had To Do.

Friday, I went to a party on my street to welcome someone who just moved in, and met a lot of my neighbors for the first time. They were all 40 and older and have lived there for at least a decade, and were really kind to the new, younger faces. So many eclectic, interesting people who I hope I see more often. Bonus: The party was at a gorgeous house, so I got a good dose of gaping in about how the non-apartment dwellers live. Roommates and I brought a bottle of wine ($5.50, my share).

Saturday, I volunteered at a mentoring event for college students who want to go into media, and stopped on the way back to get gas ($25) and groceries ($11.25). My boyfriend got back from vacation that night and we just lazed around, reading.

We grabbed breakfast Sunday morning ($8) and then had coffee with a friend (his treat). I picked up groceries ($20) and read for a while, and then we went out to dinner for our anniversary! Nohing too fancy — just a nice bottle of beer and good salad/pizzas at Pizzeria Mozza. ($40, my half) We ran into someone from my office and his adorable daughter. Feels like that happens in L.A. more than you’d expect, given how big the city is.

I estimated $110 and spent $109.75. That has to be the closest I’ve ever come.

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