One Year With Ikea’s Second-Cheapest Sleeper Sofa
Nicole Dieker

Oh my god, this couch was the first piece of furniture I ever bought, for my first college apartment, and I still remember the moment of crushing disappointment when I “unfolded” the “bed” for the first time at home and saw that it was just a few pieces of foam. (Enduring life lesson: Try before you buy!) But I was broke and still lugged it around, unused and unloved, to like four apartments after that. When we had people over, we literally sat on the floor instead of using it. It eventually ended up on a balcony, even though it isn’t made to be outside. One day, I just freaked out and couldn’t take the discomfort and mildew anymore and dragged it out to the curb. It was gone in a few hours. I felt a little guilty that I allowed it to inflict pain on someone else. Long story short: Like ill-fitting clothes, uncomfortable furniture will not look better or feel better with age! Get rid of it!

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