Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon Berlin

#Blockchain4Good — Shaping Smart Sustainable Cities for the Future

Viktor Peter from the GIZ Blockchain Lab at the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Berlin

Berlin, Saturday 21 July. This year, BE.ive took part as mentor in the second leg of the 2018 Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon. Co-organised by Impact Hub Berlin, Decent and the Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, this leg gave participants the opportunity to hack the potential of blockchain for good through a 2,5-day hackathon where they were competing to propose the most innovative blockchain-based solutions for smart sustainable cities. With speakers from GIZ, Exxeta, ImpactN, The Sun Protocol and the Bayer Foundations, the morning delivered inspiring talks on the potential of blockchain technologies when it comes to tackling the sustainability challenges of our times while the afternoon was all about hacking and mentoring.

Nowadays, blockchains are on all lips. These special kinds of distributed databases have indeed the potential to reinvent transactions and control mechanisms — from contracts and payments to storage and traceability — without the need for trusted third parties, and with the added benefit of unrivalled reliability. Although most investments have been concentrated on the financial sector so far, there is hope that such technologies could help with many sustainability issues. As identified by the GIZ, blockchains could potentially have tremendous benefits for supply-chains traceability which could in turn help better assess externalities — the often-indirect impacts of doing business that are almost never accounted for. Blockchains could also radically improve our ability to verify the trustability of a given piece of information and for example help fight fake-news. Anti-corruption mechanisms, data-driven policy-making, clinical trials or renewable energy are only a few of all the other potential fields of application.