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We all need to pamper ourselves every now and again, and a relaxing spa weekend can really rejuvenate you if you’re feeling frazzled — what’s more, with the new crop of ‘eco’ spas, your detox health retreat need not cost the earth. The importance of caring for the environment is becoming more and more embedded in our conscious, yet occasionally being a responsible citizen can have its drawbacks — if you get a bonus at work and contemplate a second holiday, a little voice may question how much that will add to your carbon footprint — and with a sigh of resignation you opt for a weekend break somewhere more local.

Well, now you need worry no longer if you are planning a spa break away — if you pick one of the latest eco-friendly spas you can drift away on the massage table guilt-free.

Spa weekends are growing in popularity amongst all members of society, men included. This is due to the incredibly calming and rejuvenating effect of a health spa weekend, as we struggle daily with the stresses of everyday life in this fast pace ‘always on’ society.

The rise of spa users over the last few years has been phenomenal. Spa goers were traditionally female, seeking relaxation and pampering and it was a seemingly expensive and elitist pastime. How times have changed. Personal care products have seen an explosion in demand — everyone is looking after their skin, pampering themselves both at home and on spa weekends, and it’s no longer just the females as spas have also seen huge growth in visits from men. Nowadays, the spa is a place for everyone regardless of sex, income, education and profession, as they have become an essential part of our lives.

We are living in stressful times. Technology has meant that we no longer ‘switch off’. Even when we are not at work, we access our emails on Blackberry phones, our mobile phones are always on and we cannot be truly ‘away’. The result is we are working more hours or at least our minds are not resting. We are rarely at one with nature and away from technology.

Quality of life has been a major issue also — illnesses have been linked to unhealthy lifestyles, high levels of stress linked to killer diseases such as heart disease, cancers and the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle is highlighted to us almost daily in the media. Sometimes, this ‘information overload’ society we live in simply gets too much and we need to recharge our batteries. Sometimes, the only way to truly rejuvenate and take a break is to get away from it all to a place of serenity, calm and indulgence.

A spa weekend is the perfect antidote to a life in overdrive. Spa weekends allow you to completely immerse yourself in your own wellbeing and focus on cleansing your body and mind. You can enjoy complete relaxation and what’s more you are told to leave your phone in your locker, so finally, you also escape from your worries and responsibilities for the time that you are there and you can find calm. All the areas that you neglect daily, perhaps it’s your skin care regime, perhaps its taking some time out to sit and do some soul-searching or think about great new ideas, sometimes distractions around us on a daily basis can prevent us from doing these things.

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