1. Invest in yourself.
You already know this one but I'll still tell you. You are your greatest investment. You are the only investment that will give you more than 10,000% ROI.

Invest in your growth, invest in your mind, invest in your spirit and your relationship with God, invest in building yourself, invest in taking action, invest in getting results, invest heavily in BECOMING.

2. Invest in Skills: You already know that you should learn a high-income skill, therefore, learn the skill, learn the business of the skill, learn the business of money.

There are at least 7 skills you should invest in, they will help you succeed in life and business.
1. Sales and marketing
2. Communication
3. Human Resources/ People Management
4. Financial Intelligence/ Money Management
5. Time Management/Productivity
6. Self Management/ Emotional Intelligence
7. Project Management.

3. Invest in Tech: With the dawn of 5G, the speed of technology will be high, internet speed, tech companies will boom, so you might want to invest in some tech companies too.

Did you notice how people who invested in Tesla, Zoom and SpaceX made it big this year?

Start thinking in tech, how can you enjoy the leverage tech has provided you. How can you convert your business into a tech-based business? There's no longer room for I am not techie, start understanding, leveraging and investing in Tech

4. Invest in Community Building: Earlier this year I read a book, "Tribes by Seth Godwin" and it really changed the way I looked at tribes and community building.

Leadership is the new form of KLT, people need a leader, they need someone to show them the way and they will gladly do whatever it is you tell them to do.

This must be after you have made sure you know how to lead yourself properly🤦‍♀️

Start building a community of your "tribe" or ideal client, people who listen to you and trust what you say.Invest massively in their growth, it's not really about the money for now, it's about the tribe (your tribe), Show up massively as their leader with value

Try to consciously build a tribe of people.

Your community should be on the most accessible platform to your ideal client, Facebook group, telegram channel, WhatsApp broadcast(permission-based list), email list, Instagram community, LinkedIn community etc

5. Invest in a scalable online business: Tech is the new gold.😃😃 Everything is more virtual now and less physical. Virtual schooling, virtual events, virtual ceremonies etc

👉Invest in building a scalable online business that works without you. I'm not talking about that solopreneur thing you were doing this year, I'm talking about a solid personal brand and lots of automation

👉Invest in building your team of people who understand your business goals and vision, but you must have first understood it🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

👉Before you start getting a team of people, build and document your processes, build and document your systems and structures. This will make it a lot easier to explain it to someone else.

In building your scalable online business you will need other people, time, money, resources, content, knowledge, etc but you need to have laid down systems for the business. Invest massively in taking your physical business online or in building an online business with a team.




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