NEW MONEY: Can This Really Be The Final Nail in Cable TV’s Coffin?

Well that is what we are about to find out. Since we have launched on to the crypto-currency scene as the mainstream coin many have asked me to do an extensive blog covering. But for Medium… Fair enough. You asked for it… This blog is really for any individual in the media who would like to craft an in depth story on this project. It contains every section imaginable that is needed. ENJOY ;)


What’s the point of having the highest quality premium content at your fingertips if you know you’re paying the wrong price for it? What is the point of having content here there and anywhere, if you are paying a ridiculous price for it? Consumers in large part have woken up to the game Cable TV has played for years.

And Its really no secret. Everyone in America hates Cable. Even Cable hates Cable. Its why Cord Cutting is on an irreversible rise, while Cable subscriptions are on an irreversible decline. And its why a crucial generation… Millennials or the Cord-Nevers will never adopt the old Cable system at all. The information is pretty clear. There is not one American you can ask who doesn’t want to see a complete change to Hollywood’s Cable system. A revolutionary change like they got (by the way) with Uber disrupting their taxi systems.

But what’s been holding back the change of a scale like that, is that no one is focused on solving the core problem with the system. And that is the pricing aspect of the system. How content or content bundles (when created), can be priced and delivered to consumers.

That’s why although Netflix and YouTube have clearly inferior models to Cable in terms of quality, they are nonetheless on a projectory to completely eclipse the Cable TV system in terms of viewership and revenue. This is because of their respective prices. People would rather pay the right price for mediocre content (7.99) (Free with Ads). Than pay the wrong price for premium content (Cable TV). It’s pricing of content we all want to see changed, and for that there is an even better solution than platforms like YouTube and Netflix. We now have New Money…


New Money refers to the digital currency aimed at reaching a mainstream audience right at its launch. That currency is Sollars and $ense: Smart Money… or New Money. The New Money project was started as a way to build the iTunes of the blockchain and digital currency space. Bitcoin gave us napster, Sollars and Sense will give us iTunes says its founder Solomon Adekale.

The project plans to put out consumer-friendly products that utilizes Sollars and Senses’ blockchain tech to change regular every-day consumers’ lives today. Not tomorrow. TODAY. And their first product to be launched with this digital currency, is one aimed at the Cable TV industry and its pricing system. That product is Sollywood TV.


Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense is essentially a new online marketplace for content and content services with its own digital currency built in for pricing. The market place has that digital currency, Sollars and Sense, so it can innovate the way content creators can price their content to where a consumer will actually pay for it.

So for example if we partner with Netflix to provide their service through our marketplace. Netflix can absolutely sell at 7.99, 8.99 10.99 (Whatever.99) with our currency (Sollars is a 1–1 exchange to the Dollar). Netflix has proven the market enjoys the content experience they have to offer at those prices.

Now if we partner with a short filmmaker to sell their content through the marketplace. They cannot sell at 7.99. Not enough individuals would buy their film at 7.99. As a matter of fact no one would buy at that price. And even if they did that is still not a price most individuals would pay for a short film. It’s incorrect.

But if they could price it at 7 $ense or even half of that or even less… now many more individuals (we are talking millions) would be open to that short film and that price offer. And with Sollars and $ense you can actually sell at 7 $ense or 3 Sense or 1/5th with no problem, WHILE getting 80–90% of what comes in for your content. That is the power of new money technologies. And its a BIG DEAL.


We all know the marketplace isn’t the unique technology here, it’s the digital currency that makes this platform “different”. Its no wonder so often immediate questions of how this idea came about disregards the marketplace and almost always focus entirely on New Money. And that makes a lot of $ense. The idea of adding a digital currency to a content marketplace was not a simple or overnight idea but the process went something more or less like this.


Back In film school, we had enough of Hollywood telling us our content was worthless. It wasn’t “Premium” so there was no money to be made? Hogwash! Basic economics stated otherwise. We spent money to make our product (film). It should be worth something. Not even 3 $ense?… And that’s sort of how it hit me… Solomon says


This path to wanting to change Cable with New Money was really born out of the frustrations of film school. You know a lot of people don’t realize the pricing non$ense of Hollywood doesn’t start at the top, it starts at the very bottom with student filmmakers. From that very first day we start shelling out thousands of dollars for that education not once are taught that our films are worth anything but a fee to pay at someone’s film festival.

Founder Solomon says “like most it didn’t help that he was a crazy kid film director trying to make Avatar 4 with a bolex camera. “That type of strive and drive doesn’t help when you are broke. But it does help to start asking the right questions. Like why exactly was my film worth nothing? Basic economics would state otherwise. My crew and I spent money time and energy to make this product, (a film is a product) so it should be worth something… Right? Not even 3 $ense? And that’s sort of how it hit me…


It wasn’t that student films, short films and even YouTube/Sundance films had to be worth nothing. It was that there was not a system where these films could be priced in a way where it could be worth something to someone. 3 $ense? 1 or 1/5th of that? Lots would pay that. As a matter of fact millions of people would pay that. And those prices may sound terrible until you have millions of individuals paying it… Yes If money only worked like that.


We all know our current money systems don’t work at those very low prices. Its impossible to price that low. You’ve never bought something online for 7 cents for a reason. You’ve never pulled out a credit card to constantly pay for things that are less than a penny for a reason. And yet, even though that is our reality, at the same time the overwhelming majority of content creators need to price here and even lower to be correct (or market-based). We are talking about the excellent content creators you don’t see on Netflix. The ones that have great talent but can’t make enough with YouTube’s ridiculous revenue sharing model.

These content creators need to price at these low prices and even lower to even get noticed by consumers or have a chance at making a living or seeing better opportunities come their way.

That is why Sollywood TV with Sollars and $ense attached is such a big deal. The marketplace doesn’t just look to help the Netflix or the Hollywood Big Wigs of the world it also looks to helps the unknown creators to monetize and find audiences too. The key is the right pricing and giving all content creators, from top to bottom, the overwhelming majority of what comes in at those correct prices. That’s why we say with Sollars and Sense, the marketplace Sollywood TV has the potential to be the ultimate replacement platform to Cable TV. The platform everyday consumers have wanted today and FOREVER


Cable and the larger entertainment distribution model is a $200 Billion dollar a year industry that has been long overdue for disruption. The consumer market has been begging for better solutions to their terrible experience for years. And over the last 7–10 years we have seen the free market provide these better platforms. Platforms that continues to bring the rapid and irreversible decline in Cable subscriptions.

Some that may be familiar to many are: Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Red, Hulu, HBO Now, Vessel, VHX, Makers Studios, BuzzFeed, Patreon, Apple TV, Facebook Video, Vines, Roku and much more. All these platforms along with Millennial behaviors are proving the free market will bring an end to Cable. It is irreversible.

Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense is simply the final nail in that coffin of Cable TV. This is because for the first time, we will see a platform go further than all those previous platforms combined, and allow any type of content creator to correctly price their content. This means pricing it in a way where a consumer or a majority of consumers will actually pay for it. Because of New Money now anyone and everyone can have that equal opportunity to price correctly in the online marketplace. None of those platforms can claim that. Not Netflix, not YouTube, not VHX, not HBO, not Patreon or any other says the founder. Our marketplace is the only one that can and it’s because of the New Money.


The New Money project plans to run a Kickstarter for this unique product pairing. Kickstarter needs no introduction… Its the platform and people you got to when you’re serious about making a difference. And we are. Kickstarter has proven itself as the mainstream channel users go to to support innovative platforms and projects that are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. We plan to use this platform as a jumping off point. It will be used to gather our first mainstream consumer base to the New Money through Sollywood TV.

This KickStarter is largely an effort being undertaken by members of the Bitshares community to reach that mainstream consumers. This is both on the production side and the development side. On the development side the New Money project will be partnering with Cryptonomex OpenLedger ShareBits and the Muse project for the upcoming kickstarter and technical development. The combined teams represents Bitshares’ community of expert programmers, developers, and industry professionals who understand the intricacies of building new payment systems and working with content. They are set to begin production on the video in April. They will also be debuting elements of the system’s features through this Kickstarter.


Ultimate goal of the New Money project is to create a viable alternative to the $60 trillion Dollar market cap. Obviously that’s not going to happen in the short term or overnight. Its going to be little baby steps. But each step will count towards getting us to that ultimate 20 year goal. That first baby step is using the currency for the platform Sollywood TV. Launching our KickStarter and getting it out into the mainstream world. We build from there.

So Hollywood is simply where New Money starts. Its the same way that Facebook started with colleges and Amazon started with books and Uber started with Taxis. You have to start somewhere that makes $ense. And for this project that is clearly Hollywood. But they plan to grow with more products and services that are aimed at the Millennial market. They want to see this change very badly as much as they want to see a change to their banking system. This project will be here to provide a solution for both Millennial desires.


As typical of most crypto-currency projects, the New Money project is launching a number of crypto-currency tokens to help them reach their short and long term New Money goals. Sollars and $ense will not be the only one. SOLCERTS (pro-nounced soul-certs) is another one. It is essentially a crypto-currency token that represents a future Sollar or 100 $ense today.

The token has been created as a way to exchange future Sollars today in exchange for top crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Bitshares and more. We need all the help we can get so one way is to launch a crypto-token that represents the reason we are all doing this… New Money.

The token is being launched as a way to have individuals donate various crypto-currencies to the project while receiving these tokens in return. They are being auctioned for less than their exchange rate value to the Dollar. 100% of all funds raised from the SOLCERT auction will go towards promoting and achieving a successful Kickstarter. The auction will be held for 45 days in which anyone from any crypto currency community can participate. You can find out more about the SOLCERT token in its 6 part blog series starting here. Learn More About SoLCerts in this extensive blog series here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

You can sign up for their newsletter on the launch site or blog to get the latest information on their Kickstarter the token and everything going on with the project. Can also email at

Solcert Pre-Sale Success!

At the launch of our pre-sale for the SoLCert token we were able to raise a little over $50,000 in Bitcoin, Bitshares and Ether.


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Business model is pretty simple. We take a 10–20% cut on every transaction that happens in our currency. This is across the board at every price point. Even the ones below a dollar. This cannot be done with the Dollar’s red tape but for us that is the power of using new money/blockchain technologies. There are no current marketplaces that can allow for this type of split at any price.

On other platforms like YouTube content creators are making only 10–20% off of revenue that comes in. At best 40–55%. Our business model flips that for everyone regardless of their content while providing an experience that creates loyalty and a long-term relationship between content creator and consumer. To us that makes $ense.

There is no limit to our content creator market so we do not have to take a larger slice up front like other content platforms must do. We and our content creators both make money by charging the right price not by charging a premium one. Or the same one for all content experiences whether that’s free (YouTube) or 7.99 (Netflix). By focusing on charging the right price we can make money with 1 content creator 10 or a million. The business model scales fairly easily.


Sollars and Sense will eventually have its own blockchain where its creation is automated. This includes its stability against the Dollar. But right now and for the near future it will be a User Issued Asset. Stable against the dollar meaning it’s a 1–1 exchange. Ease of use and understanding is essential and crucial to consumers being willing to engage this currency. Its another reason why we are the iTunes of digital currency. There is simply no learning curve.

Sollars and Sense immediate utility will be:

  • ease of use and understanding for an alternative currency (to a mainstream audience)
  • Stable and reliable value for content partners and consumers
  • Correct market based pricing of content based on demand (Sollywood TV business model)
  • And allowing super to normal micro-payments between content creators/contributors and their audience (off-chain: no fees).

Long-term utility plan

  • creation automated by its own blockchain with stability against the Dollar and other Fiats
  • Viable alternative to Dollars 60 Trillion reserve market cap
  • Commerce and Banking option for Millennial generation
  • Your grandma’s new pension plan currency of choice