This blog is for some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about the project. You’ve got a burning question? Then its probably answered below.

(1) Is there a place I can get an entire overview of the New Money project? Yes there is. You can watch our Overview video HERE and or read our overview blog post HERE.

(2) Why will we succeed with New Money? We believe we’ve got the right vision, we are appealing to the right market and demographic with the right message and we have the right roadmap and technology to get us there.

(3) What is Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense and how does that product relate to the New Money project? Sollars and Sense is literally the new money of the project (starts as a UIA eventually its own DAC). And Sollywood TV is the first platform the currency will be used with. Make sure to check out the Overview video.

(4) Is there a place where I can get an entire understanding of the SoLCert Token? Yes you can start with our 5 Part Video Series or 6 Part Blog series

(5) What is the channel for reaching mainstream consumers? KickStarter

(6) Why use KickStarter to reach mainstream consumers?
Kickstarter has proven itself as the mainstream channel users go to to support innovative platforms and projects that are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. We plan to use this platform as a jumping off point. It will be used to gather our first mainstream consumer base to use our digital currency Sollars and Sense smart money… Or New Money. It is also a solid way to prove the consumer market wants the product, which as history has shown, will spurn on interest in investors and content creators.

(7) Some details about your KickStarter? Sure check out this video (New Money: what it takes…

Why start this currency just in Hollywood? Great question. You can read our blog about it or watch part 2 of the SoLCert series.

(9) Will Sollars and Sense: Smart Money (or New Money) ever have its own BlockChain? Yes eventually when timing is right. Sollars and Sense will be launched on its own DAC. Right now it will be a UIA on OpenLedger.

(10) Who has done a series of Fundraisers before? What is this most similarly like in the real world? Your government and private companies who issue bonds for development and expansion initiatives. We are going to fund ourselves and this project the same way the governments of the world and Bitcoin funded itself. Out of thin air. Watch our SoLCert series for more info.

(11) Why do a series of auctions? Great question. 1. It ensures enough funding for the present and on-going development of this project. 2. Allows newly minted believers to participate in our future endeavors. 3. Rewards those individuals who are holding our tokens and have been with us since the beginning (quasi-loyalty program).

(12) What will the funds be used for when donations are raised? All funds raised for this first auction will go towards promoting and achieving a successful KickStarter for Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense Smart Money.

(13) So when exactly is Sollars going to replace dollars? Not now and its not needed. Instead we need to focus on consolidating Millennials onto platforms that utilize New Money TODAY not tomorrow TODAY. First is Sollywood TV. We will grow into the rest of the world. The same way Uber grew into the rest of the world.

(14) Is New Money (Sollars and $ense) a replacement for the Dollar today? NO. Absolutely not. But it is our end goal and we have a great place to start…

(16) Am I guaranteed to make a return from this project? NO. Unfortunately nothing in life is guaranteed. Even with its best in the world technologies, those who got in Bitcoin early got a “better return” than those who got in at the end of 2013. That is life. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Even with the best technology platform on the market still nothing is guaranteed. With that said read the Risk Assessment and Disclaimer.