NEW MONEY: Other Useful Information

Hey guys another article here! In an effort to reduce the amount of information on our announcement page on BitcoinTalk I am writing another article that will cover the information found more towards the bottom of the page. This article will therefore cover the Purpose of having a Pre-Sale, How New comers can buy SOLCERTS using the OpenLedger wallet, a little on our technical development partners and finally the Risk and Assessment outlook of the project. If these sections of our project entice you? Then this is the blog for you!

Purpose of Pre-Sale and Auctions
SoLCerts have primarily been created for the purpose of allowing individuals to donate various crypto-currencies to this project while receiving these tokens in return. 100% of all funds raised from this first auction will go towards promoting and achieving a successful Kickstarter. This KickStarter will be for the New Money project’s first product and platform “Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense Smart Money” It will be named “New Money: Hollywood’s Revolution Will Be Televised”.


(1) Getting Started

  • Check out the tutorial video no. 1 on our YouTube channel!
  • Click on following link to create account: LINK IS HERE
  • To order SoLCerts you do not need to register an account BUT if you would like to track the funds raised for the project then we suggest using OpenLedger to exchange

(2) Doing Your First Deposit on OpenLedger

  • Click on THIS LINK to get to deposit/withdraw it will automatically change to your own account, as this will be the only one listed in your browser.
  • Picture Reference Here
  • On this page (Picture Reference) you can use any of the mentioned deposit addresses or generate new ones, and then send the currency of your choice to the corresponding address .
  • The amount you send , let’s say if it was BTC, will arrive on your account on OpenLedger as OPEN.BTC, the same goes for Ether which will show up on the exchange as OPEN.ETH

Development Partners:
The New Money project will be partnering with Cryptonomex and the Muse project for our upcoming kickstarter and technical development. The combined teams represents Bitshares’ community of expert programmers, developers, and industry professionals who understand the intricacies of building new payment systems and working with content. If you are interested in helping on this open source project from a developmental standpoint make sure to contact us. We are raising this money from KickStarter to bring on more amazing talent like you!

Risk Assessment/Disclaimer

This is a completely new and experimental kind of project funding. It comes in the form of a token being issued for the primary facilitation of a successful KickStarter. The token has great potential in completely changing the way funds can be raised and early believers can be rewarded, but note it is a work in progress.

There are no promises or guarantees being made for this project. We have just signaled our complete intent. Donate to this project at your own risk. All transactions for SoLCerts are considered donations. At no point in time will we be holding auctions for our token directly for any Fiats. Understand that no shares in a company are offered here and no promises or securitization of an asset is being purchased. ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE DONATIONS.