Rules of SoLCert Pre-Sale

So you want to know how everything is going to work with this Pre-Sale? Well here are the simple rules…

(1) As the Tiers show on the announcement thread, the price will gradually increase until the end of pre-sale or all SOLCERTS are sold. At the end all accounts will be settled, in which Solcerts will be sent to the various buyers. And the payments in the form of BTS, BTC, and ETH will be sent to the account of the SOLCERT issuer (excluding a smaller escrow fee). The agreed upon escrow fee will be redeemed by OpenLedger/CCDEK.

(2) All payments within the period of the presale are located on the escrow account ccedk.escrow2. This account is open and can be seen by anyone on the OpenLedger exchange. This means anybody is able to follow the movements of funds throughout the Per-Sale period. (Bear in mind, that BTS is listed as same, BTC is listed as OPEN.BTC and ETH is listed as OPEN.ETH)

(3) It is a first come — first served auction. How many SOLCERT tokens one can buy will be dependent on the time funds were sent. You will be given the amount available at the price of the particular tier. If funds will only allow part of a tier, the remaining amount is used in the next one.

(4) Escrow Confirmation of Payment Transfer — If you have an account on OpenLedger, confirmation of transfer is done by sending a return transfer of 1 bts. Include memo with confirmation of amount of solcerts to be receive at end of pre-sale.

In case a buyer does not have an account but wishes to buy a.s.a.p. (to avoid any increase in price), it is proposed to make use of any of the mentioned addresses for payment. It does not matter whether it is a bts account name, BTC or ETH address, send amount, then send to escrow e-mail or PM Ronny on the forums a message including transaction ID, amount sent and if possible account name. If you do not have an account name, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with confirmed amount of solcerts, and buyer will need to send account name as soon as registered for escrow to enter this for future reference when sending out the funds.

(5) Anyone who does not like using e-mail is able to use private message to user account name on following forums: Bitshares Talk — PM: ccedk — PM: ccedkaps

(6) This is the following information to provide to CCDEK: Amount ordered: Amount Paid: Which currency used and Transaction ID (purchases can only be made in 1000 increments)

(7) SOLCERTS can only be purchased in increments of 1000

(8) Any remaining amounts of Solcerts not sold during the time of presale will be put up for sale on the base of an ICO presented in direct connection with mentioned presale and will be offered available on all major markets on OpenLedger.