Sollars and Sense: The Smart Money Angle

As originally conceptualized Sollars will be a virtual currency or user-issued asset to begin with. This asset will be issued on either the main BitShare’s chain or any DAC that is suitable for its platform. Our content partners will be able to exchange the virtual currency at a 1–1 exchange rate to the American Dollar.

This does mean we will seek to partner with a traditional payments system in the short term. We will also look to integrate BitShare’s exchange as much as possible into our system and for our content partners.

Sollars and Sense immediate utility will be:

  • ease of use and understanding for an alternative currency (to a mainstream audience)
  • Stable and reliable value for content partners and consumers
  • Correct market based pricing of content based on demand (Sollywood TV business model)
  • And allowing super to normal micro-payments between content creators/contributors and their audience (off-chain: no fees).

We will build a unique loyalty and community experience around these economics that starts at a smart price point. This will be done by encouraging gamification and rewards around market based transactions on Sollywood TV and our media outlets (New Money).

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