The website will be an important access point for mainstream consumers. It will serve as another entry point into Sollywood TV, New Money and all official partners using the currency alike. It will play a similar role as ChangeTip plays for Bitcoin.

The difference in our models is we are playing with stable economics, better tech as a back-end for fast transacting (BitShares) and creating a unique content experience. They are playing with instability (Bitcoin) and are not creating a unique in house experience. Their revenue model… I don’t really know what it is in the short term, but to each his own. I wish them good luck.

The website will serve the following purposes:

  • Central hub to learn about Sollars, earn them, and buy them.
  • Create an account (for both sending and receiving Sollars (on Sollywood TV + Other Partners))
  • Link all social networks to account for ease of use on those platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Content Partners etc)
  • Learn (in detail) how to use the currency across the various social networks
  • Learn (in detail) how to use the currency on partner sites applications
  • (what actions or events cause an account to transact on partner sites (Changetip model)
  • various ways to divide funds for tipping per given time (Flattr subscription model)
  • Management of Sollars Wallet across platforms
  • Links to our partner sites (New Money, Sollywood TV, affiliates etc)
  • The place where people who have received a payment in Sollars come to retrieve that payment while simultaneously creating an account

Sollywood TV and New Money will play as the first partners and sites that can utilize the Sollars digital currency. Yes they are part of the same project but will be presented as separate entities (modularity). And of course we will also look to start with others who are receptive to this business model and are highly strategic to our launch. All of our partners can have the same Sollars sign in/login social media integration for their individual websites and platforms. This in the beginning would allow consumers to seamlessly use the currency across them.

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