Sollywood TV / Sollars and Sense: The Commercial Instance

I started to conceptualize the Sollywood TV/Sollars and Sense idea 5 years ago as a filmmaker in film school. After much iteration and hard work it has become what it is today aka the cable-killer everyone and they’ momma’s been waiting for. Simply put Sollywood TV is a consumer’s very own Personal and Affordable channel. A channel where what’s playing is only what they actually want.

It is important to understand we are not a consumers’ only Hollywood. Meaning we don’t need to be exclusively where people get or view their content. There is no need for that in this day and age of information overload. We just need to be where they exclusively get their content at the right price and or the cheapest price (cheapest includes free (with Sollar Ads)).

That is the real value and what we are looking to be known for. That is why we market this as their Personal and Affordable one. Personal because they only pay for what they want. Affordable because what they pay or don’t pay is always correct. That’s real value and that is where we make $ense.

Here are three short videos to get a full idea of this platform and its business model:

Sollywood TV System w/ Differentiator (Sollars and Sense)

Visual Conception of Sollywood TV Platform (What it will eventually look like)

Sollywood TV Business Model/Plan (MUST WATCH)

Business Model Canvas

The business model video is very crucial to watch and understand. We will take a 10–20% cut from our content partners when they cash out their $ense to Fiats. At first glance this may seem like a lot to crypto-currency enthusiasts. But ask any content creator that makes visual content on YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo and the likes.

On these platforms they are making only 10–20% off of revenue that comes in. At best 40–55%. Our business model flips that for everyone regardless of their content while providing an experience that creates loyalty and a long-term relationship between content creator and consumer. To us that makes$ense.

To sum the Sollywood TV / Sollars section up:

  • Will take a start up structure (Centralized)
  • Primarily funded to be BitShare’s killer app (Linux to Apple relationship)
  • A mixture of both an open platform and publisher (we pick and choose people to partner with/we publish our own in house content)
  • As a publisher will partner with specific content partners for its platform and build out from there (watch above Sollywood TV Business Model/Plan video)
  • Concentrated Audience: Will focus on creating a unique transacting experience (the Sollywood Experience) and gaining a foothold in the younger generational demographics (18–30 year old male/female). This will in turn allow us to concentrate an audience NO OTHER DIGITAL CURRENCY PLATFORM HAS. The only audience that has allowed companies that have garnered their attention to receive offers of billions of dollars with no revenue.
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