Who Am I: Sollywood

At least that’s what they called me in film school. You can check out my founder's page to learn a little bit more about my background with film and video. You can also check out the “My Story” section in the original delegate article I wrote last week (most of the information past my introduction has been modified to this project and is therefore outdated).

Anyone who knows me, has had a talk with me recently, listened to me with Fuzzy on 2–13–2015, knows that I believe what will catapult BitShare’s market cap AND KEEP IT THERE will be a killer app for consumers powered by its technology. It will be a mainstream app that fixes a pain point in their lives today. Not tomorrow or in a few years, I am talking about today and yesterday. And when I say consumers I mean regular everyday people who could really careless about decentralized proof-of-this or proof-of-that.

It will be even more phenomenal and cementing if this killer app catches on with a younger audience first in this demographic (mainly 18–24 male/female) (larger market 18–30 male/female [in America that’s 44 million individuals strong])).

If we can do that and build a solid audience from this highly sought after demographic… No one not Bitcoin not Ethereum, not Ripple, not Bill Gates, not you, not ISIS, not even yo momma will be able to stop BitShares. To correctly capitalize in this formula BitShare’s technology and or platform simply has to be powering this application like Linux powers everything useful that isn’t windows.

Then WE HAVE TO SELL SELL SELL this as a success story for BitShares wholly apart from Bitcoin (it will also be selling itself so it won’t be too hard to ride that wave). I believe that killer app that will make this scenario a reality will be built from this BitShare’s video project. And particularly the Sollywood TV/Sollars flavor or instance of what we build (its open-source). I am here to see to it.

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