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What can women do if they have become bored with the vibrator? One answer could be “love balls”, but what are they? Ben Wa Balls are two or more balls which are connected by a strong string.

Kegel Ball for Women Beginner

Kegel Ball for Women Beginner ($26.99)

You push them like dildos into your vagina, where they are more likely to be worn for a longer time than for quick lust. At the end there is a loop, with whose assistance they can be removed again at any time.

Vaginal balls are available in different diameters, whereby the large models are an adventure in…

Many men feel like having a thicker penis. Be it for self-confidence or because they want to satisfy their partner more intensively, this desire is getting stronger and stronger.

Black Time Delay Silicone Harder Soft Exercise Bands

The pharmaceutical industry offers numerous preparations with different effects. Books have also been written on this subject, but who wants to take pills regularly without knowing the exact side effects, not to mention the running costs? Penis rings are a natural alternative.

With sex toys you can experiment a lot. Especially for the women there are more and more “toys” which increase the lust and also like to give an orgasm. For women in lonely hours they are just the right thing to have fun. Those who play with a dildo or vibrator in the beginning will soon want more and the search for exciting sex toys on the internet begins. If a woman has already had anal sex and enjoys it, she will certainly not be averse to a double dildo. …

Jerry Clayton

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