“Personalize” continues to be a hot buzzword in the digital scene. But if it’s so popular, why are brands giving up on it?

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Recently, Gartner came out with a somewhat surprising prediction that marketers are finding personalization isn’t producing the results they expect even though customers love personalized marketing. Gartner believes that by 2025, a lack of ROI will cause 80% of marketers to abandon personalization efforts.

Personalization is one of the hottest trends in marketing. So much so that it’s difficult to find articles, courses, and symposiums on the subject where personalization isn’t treated as a necessity to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

In fact, it’s common for businesses to maintain or tap into huge databases containing personal…

Make “create once, publish everywhere” the mantra of your digital content production.

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Before online shopping, consumers could go to a brick-and-mortar store to experience a product before making a purchase. For example, while visiting the local shopping mall, you could feel the weight of a hammer or sit in a rocking chair to validate that it meets your standards of quality and aesthetics. Today, consumers might order products direct from Shanghai to Phoenix, making it impossible for them to visit a physical store to check it out for themselves.

Billions of people are demanding more information, requiring content owners and creators to put out increasingly higher volumes of quality content. On top…

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As an enterprise company, it’s your responsibility to give customers an exceptional experience through every phase of their journey with your brand.

The most efficient way to do this?

Regularly delivering fresh content that helps them understand your brand, messaging, products, services. In 2020, enterprise websites hold the key to your content delivery strategy, and the quality of your content management system (CMS) will help power your content’s success.

A high-quality content management system will help you achieve your goals of supporting your customers, selling more products and services, providing better customer service, and enhancing your brand.

Because these connections…

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Many government agencies are facing the reality of moving their IT infrastructures into the cloud. In fact, many agencies have already added cloud services but haven’t had to confront moving their whole local infrastructure to the cloud.

Federal, state and local governments in the United States are increasingly mandating that infrastructure and applications be moved to the cloud. The National Institute of Standards and Technology noted that the cloud enables “on-demand access to shared and scalable pools of computing resources with the goal of minimizing management effort or service provider interaction.” (1)

In fact, the US Department of Defense recently…

Regardless of size, your business should be watching “GDPR lite” very closely.

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be one of the first major digital data protection laws on the books. And while it might directly affect one state by name, CCPA’s effects will be far-reaching and could shape future legislation for the entirety of the US.

This renewed vigor toward consumer data privacy is a step away from large companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Walmart commoditizing consumer data. In recent years, that commoditization contributed to disasters like the 2017 Equifax breach and the 2018 Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal — two breaches affecting millions, leaving them feeling powerless.

Ignorance of…

Whether you’re brick and mortar or strictly eCommerce, your digital experience matters more now than ever before.

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From connecting in the physical to the digital world, your customers want to feel like your brand “gets” them. They demand experiences that are effortless and rewarding like you know exactly what they need.

And why not? They’re tired of browsing a noisy, fragmented world that leaves them feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood.

Today’s empowered customers are hungry for more. They want personalized, meaningful interactions that speak to them on an emotional level and reflect their interests. They crave choice and expect simplicity, brevity, and value from every interaction. And while price is key, convenience is the real motivator.

As shoppers…

With billions being spent online each year, your business can’t afford to lose out on these simple tips to excel in a digital storefront.

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E-commerce is having an explosion of growth.

In 2018, consumers spent $517.36 billion online with US merchants. In the US alone, e-commerce represents almost 10% of retail sales and that number is expected to grow by nearly 15% each year while global e-commerce retail sales are expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021.

According to Econsultancy, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

Here are the top 5 areas you should focus on in order to have a successful e-commerce business:

1. The Right Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is one of the biggest decisions for your business as the…

Customer experience online matters almost as much as it does offline. Websites have to be more than an extension of your physical brand. Online orders from websites, phones, and even social media accounts created $517 billion in 2018.

Great digital experiences keep your customers coming back both online and in-person. On the other hand, poor digital customer experience can erode brand trust with returning buyers and frustrate potential customers.

Better CX doesn’t always start with a major website overhaul. Sometimes it’s as simple as applying a few quick fixes to your website. …

Artificial intelligence. Content management. The Cloud. What stays and what goes in the search for better CX?

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We live in a world where friendly chatbots offset customer questions and major purchases can be made through social media platforms like Instagram. But customer experience (CX) goes beyond the latest tech platform.

Even with the crazy rate of technology changing, one thing remains important: customers having a good experience with your brand. In general, what makes an enjoyable customer experience hasn’t shifted. It’s fast, friendly service that gets people what they want with minimal distractions or hoops to jump through.

Our expectation? Brands will have to keep up with the technologies that track changing shopping habits while still offering…

Her website clearly wasn’t ***Flawless.

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Beyonce is making headlines once again, but this time, it’s not for dropping a surprise album or for being pregnant again.

It’s for something out of left-field: her website.

More specifically, that her website doesn’t work for blind users. A group of blind Beyhive members is suing the star for not having an easily accessible website or online store.

Beyonce’s definitely not the only big name being hit with these lawsuits. Target, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and other businesses have been publicly called out for not providing users with disabilities with a functional website experience. …


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