The Marketing Technology Landscape of Tomorrow

by Matthieu McClintock

Nothing can be more indicative of a crowded, piecemeal approach to digital experience (DX) management than the infographic above where Solodev is included in the CMS & Web Experience Management category, might have to zoom, of an infographic covering a range of enterprise software solution categories. As you can see, there are thousands of offerings seemingly fighting for space on the graphic, overlapping one another, some more prominent than others, much like the DX industry itself. However, like all competitive markets, only a few industry leaders will emerge victorious in the years to come.

Those left standing will be the companies who embrace the emerging digital marketing technologies with the highest ROI, abandon outdated marketing tech, and create most robust Analytics system under one roof, giving your entire marketing stack a single interface and ability to market on a cross-channel level, benefit from the scale and data that results, and leverage it all to make smart, concise marketing decisions by leveraging Big Data and adjusting your marketing initiatives accordingly on a cross channel basis. Let’s start with the fact that there are nearly 50 digital marketing categories and thousands of vendors that offer a specific category. With a majority of marketing being digital, why are there so many companies that just offer one marketing technology? The best digital marketing offering is one that doesn’t need up to 50+ other products to launch a comprehensive digital marketing campaign but a marketing product that can stand alone.

Instead of Solodev being in one category, and our customers still needing to hire 50+ other vendors, our product roadmaps involve bringing all categories under one roof, giving you a single command center where you can market using an array of technologies. Solodev CMS is the embodiment of this concept, bringing the leading DX technologies under a single umbrella whether native or integrated with your website(s). Every category is important to streamline marketing that stays on message regardless of the technology.

With so many marketing vendors and their respective technologies, it is very easy to lose track of the high level purpose and message behind your marketing. With a single vendor and dozens of marketing technologies at your fingertips, you can unify your marketing message across several platforms, get cheaper PPC bids, and lower ad space costs across the board from Internet Radio to Display and Search.

Solodev is categorized under CMS & Web Experience Management which are just a couple of categories Solodev fits into. Solodev CMS also competes in Marketing Automation, SEO, Content Marketing, Mobile Apps, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobile and Web Analytics, and Workflow. The more categories you fit into, the more likely you’ll be relevant in five years. By diversifying the marketing technologies you provide your customers, you hedge against the volatile trends in the digital marketing industry.

Solodev CMS aims to be industry leaders on all DX Management fronts. That is the benchmark we have set for our product roadmap, comprehensive DX Management and digital marketing platforms that you can use to build, maintain, and optimize your brand’s online presence, marketing, and sales initiatives on all fronts.

About Solodev

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