Top Features in Solodev CMS 8 That Eliminate Plugins

by Matthieu McClintock

Optimized for the AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services), Solodev CMS 8 is built to eliminate the need for plugins and paid add-ons by offering robust “out of the box” functionality, features, and customization that allow you to build and manage websites, increase brand awareness, drive sales through digital marketing and sell online. With Solodev CMS 8, many of the most popular plugins and paid add-ons in the content management space are simply native to the platform, battleground tested, and unparalleled in quality and design.

The fact that Solodev CMS 8 is backed by an Inc. 5000 software company proudly celebrating ten years in business with a team of developers and designers at the cutting edge of their respective fields is a bonus. So let’s discuss how Solodev CMS 8 has been architected to eliminate the need for plugins. At Solodev, product development is a constant and we’re always finding new ways to improve and innovate the platform to stay ahead in the content management space. And with the release of Solodev CMS 8, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Solodev CMS 8 Features that eliminate need for plugins:

  • Central Dashboard: A comprehensive administrative dashboard visualizes your website usage through integration with Google Analytics and allows for quick and easy addition of web pages, modules, files, users and task assignment.
  • Bootstrap Themes: Start your Solodev CMS 8 deployment with beautifully designed, mobile responsive themes, each built and configurable for different industries with relevant modules and web pages out of the box.
  • Out of the Box Managers: Solodev CMS 8 comes with over a dozen enterprise Managers (modules) that range from news, blog and staff directory applications to landing pages, inventory managers, and career portals.
  • Inline Editing: Edit content without any coding knowledge by simply clicking on web pages and making content edits on the fly.
  • Templating: Build a selection of templates that power your website and can be reused without writing duplicate code and speed up development time tremendously.
  • Landing Pages: “Tickler” email automation engage site visitors upon form submission and improve your ability to serve the right content to the right person at the right time with Solodev CMS landing page managers.
  • Content Scheduling: Schedule when you want to publish and remove content from your website ahead of time and let things run on autopilot.
  • Custom Inventory Management and Shopping Cart Integration — Manage your Inventory and Shopping Cart in the same place, allowing real time updates to your Inventory Module which is connected directly to a shopping cart you can customize to suit your needs.
  • Tasks: Maintain a collaborative environment within the platform. Assign tasks to content authors or developers and receive notification when tasks are assigned and completed.
  • Built-in Documentation, Feedback & Chat: Eliminate additional tabs to see documentation, chat with a support team member, or send feedback. It’s all built directly into Solodev CMS 8 so documentation, feedback, and a support team member are only a click away.
  • Document Management: Manage your organization’s document repository and enable your team to share, give feedback, and assign tasks related to documents stored in the platform.
  • RESTful API: Leverage your data with the Solodev CMS 8 RESTful API and build third party applications that tie directly into your data.

Other Solodev CMS 8 benefits include:

  • Deployment Flexibility: Enjoy the deployment flexibility Solodev CMS 8 offers with the ability for you to deploy your website or application in the Amazon Cloud, On-Premise, or via SaaS.
  • Security, Infrastructure, and Technology Stack backed by AWS: Sleep soundly with the knowledge that Solodev CMS 8 sits on the leading global Cloud technology stack.
  • Enterprise Level Support: Rest assured with enterprise level support from the very same engineers and designers that built Solodev CMS 8.
  • Solodev Launch: Need designers, engineers or digital marketing experts to augment your existing team? Solodev offers development and design team personnel on an “as-needed” basis.
  • Free Trial Explore Solodev CMS 8 and see how it can help take your organization to the next level with a 14 day FREE Trial.

Hundreds of websites and mobile apps — many award winning — have been built on Solodev CMS. The platform is leveraged by hundreds of customers, from SMB’s to companies in the Fortune 500. Above all, Solodev is an enterprise CMS platform at the front of the pack that is uniquely affordable, particularly now that it’s available through the AWS Marketplace. With AWS on your side, you have the security, infrastructure, and world renowned technological foundation to manage your website(s) and mobile apps — and sleep soundly at night. No plugins required.

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