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Hiring is aggravating, tedious, hard. We startups, against everyone in the market out there, know this too well. But it is gratifying when the result of such efforts make a positive impact on colleagues and to the enterprise.

One should focus on hiring key people from the start not only with the skills we require but who would also build-up the foundation of the team’s ethos.

What makes a great software engineer?

Technology in our age is like white sand forever shifting under our feet. We stand still at our peril.

Great engineers know this well. They know a lot already but may not yet have expertise in areas the enterprise may require. So they are teachable. They are great at learning what needs knowing when needed. Some even become experts on the next big thing by their own volition. We startups pay close attention to candidates with such dexterity. We give them every opportunity to grow and be influential to the team once on-board. …


Nap Catilo

Enabler, facilitator, learner, doer, appreciator

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