How To Get The Best Out Of Facebook Live

Believed to have started as the pet project of Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Live, the social network’s live broadcasting feature is creating lots of buzz ever-since its inception. Live streaming lets you connect with your audience in a unique way. It transcends traditional marketing limitations while providing real-time experience. Won’t you want to leverage on this for your business? You sure do.

But as a business, is Facebook Live even worth your time and effort? Did you know as per Facebook, videos (of any nature) are viewed more than four billion times per day? Did I just answer your question with a question? Yes I did.

Make your brand’s presence like never before with a virtual rendezvous with Facebook’s over 1.1 billion active daily users. Here are a few tips:

1. Give your audience an inside view of your business

Since you’re hosting a live event for your viewers, you’re conveying the look and feel of your brand in a way which cannot be explained through texts and words. You could portray it as a “behind-the-scenes” video focusing on showing the more interesting aspects of your business to the audience.

Share how you create your product or how your service is implemented, how the team works and relaxes, etc. People love watching engaging stuff that’s typically off limits.

2. Tease Upcoming Products/Services

Product launches are extremely exciting, Facebook Live is a great way to provide your viewers with a sneak-peak of what activities are going to come up soon. Ed Sheeran did it for his new album, companies over the world are doing it to capitalize on the excitement of their most loyal consumers.

For example, why not give your viewers a teaser of a shipment of that new product you received which is still not available on the website. Moreover, offering pre orders and special discounts especially for your live viewers will take your product marketing to a whole new level.

3. Host webinars & events

A well planned webinar goes a long way, but businesses know the amount of time and effort it takes to conduct a good one. With Facebook Live feature, organize and run a webinar easily, and you’ll never have to leave the platform.

Not just hosting, even if you’re attending an event, join in your audience in it. Suppose you’ve a booth set up at a trade fair, let your customers know that you’re there and invite them to come over. Offer them a small incentive and you’ll have them in no time.

4. Offer live customer service

One of the most efficient Facebook Live strategies is to perform live customer service. While setting you apart from other competitive brands, it allows you to offer real-time customer service to large groups of people at once. Your customers can give you relevant feedback through comments on the video making it possible to resolve their issues quickly and with a personal touch.

5. Answer FAQs, online discussions

Discuss a topic live that you know your viewers will be interested in. I’m sure you’ll find many, but the trick is to choose those which will garner maximum viewership. Beyond discussions, a Q&A round can also be done; Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, does such videos constantly. Actively encourage people to submit their queries which you can answer along the way.

Your Turn

Now that you’ve got a clearer idea of the dynamics of the trending Facebook Live, it’s time to show the world what your business is and can be capable of. Businesses should monetize on this feature as much as they can since live video is generating for you the Facebook engagement you desire from running Facebook ads.