Andela Bootcamp day 2 experience

This is the second day at Andela bootcamp, and the learning experience is getting more and more challenging and exciting. The challenge come in whereby the tasks are supposed to be delivered before the stipulated time elapses, this is quite a challenge as we are forced to not only write proper solutions, but to also beat the deadline because it’s as important as the solution itself.

The exciting part is where we are given witty challenges to solve and the process of finding solutions to this is quite interesting, this is because one is forced to stretch there imagination and creativity to solve the challenges.

So far, Andela bootcamp has made me to understand what really a passion means in practical terms. It is much easier to say that I have passion for software development than demonstrating the passion. And so, at the moment, in my opinion, if your passion is not very strong, you can easily give up at this stage.

Apart from the obvious challenges, it was a very enjoyable experience. I got to learn new skills on my own and at a very fast pace too. Every minute counts. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of accomplishment each time my code passed a test. Sometimes, I was stuck on how to implement a concept. Such times, I would leave coding and go online to study the concept. Other times, I would simply ask any facial LFA, who would promptly give me his/her response.

So it was a story of passion. A story of one challenging oneself to raise the bar of excellence. A story of honour. Yes I said honour because we are not been monitored and unless you have integrity, you can as well just lift a code from the internet to implement your algorithm. Well, I believe that will be defeating the sole aim of why I am at this bootcamp which is to become a world class software developer.

The day was also awesome though, because i was able to collaborate with my fellow team members to come up with the final solution to some of the problems . I also learned from the contribution of my LFA some ideas that i did not know like the different between branch and origin master.

My day two story wont’t be a complete one without the mention that resilience is also a virtue I found handy in this bootcamp. At a point, my brain was just not assimilating anything anymore. I guess that was partly hunger. Resilience came into play because I refused to give up. For me giving up means that I am defeated. “World class do not give up and want to be a world class”, I would always remind myself.

Finally, after day two, I realize the benefit of God in every aspect of ones endeavour. Yes am very religious and trust me, it is not easy to maintain a level head even when what your are doing seems not to be working. It can only be God. So while I relish on my day two experience in Andela bootcamp, I look forward to making it to the end by God’s grace.