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My ALC journey

Even though I've always wanted to be a software developer but couldn’t just make up mind to follow the track, I tried as much as possible not to let the dream of doing something I love most go away.

I once applied to the Andela Fellowship program but didn’t got admitted so when I saw the Andela ALC program (beginner’s track) in March, I said to myself, this is another opportunity for me to become a developer, so I applied immediately with little or no knowledge in Android and Java but with an interest in mobile/software development.

When I received a mail that I had been chosen, I was excited because I see my dream coming to reality so I started the course with an high level of energy and excitement even though along the line, i fall back a bit, but each time I encourage myself…..yes, you can do this. And at last, I can boldly say yes, I’m a Developer even though I know that I still have a long journey ahead in becoming a fully Android Developer, but I know that with this ALC (beginner’s track), there’s no going back.

Thanks @Andela_Nigeria @googleafrica @udacity for this wonderful and a life-time experience.

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