My Bootcamp Experience so far….Day 3

I’m now getting to know better that to be accepted into the Andela fellowship and trained to become a world class software developer, not only do you need to pass through a rigorous screening process, a series of tests, but also to get invited and scale through the most interesting and challenging part of it, the Andela Bootcamp.

Andela bootcamp is indeed a marathon. However, it remains obvious that the challenge brings out the best in you, helps you push beyond the limits of your capacities and then, like me, you might realise that there are actually no real limits.

I have always wanted to be the type of a software developer that can take on difficult tasks and complete them in a of record time. I have gained some level of success challenging myself to work on difficult projects but I don’t get to complete them within the period I set. I always make sure to complete my projects no matter how long it takes. However, I started to feel like I wouldn’t be very fast as a software developer and maybe I shouldn’t judge myself by how long it takes me to complete projects because Andela bootcamp has changed that.

My experience at Andela bootcamp so far has helped me to realize how fast I can achieve results. Faster than I ever thought I would. I am not slow at all, and I just realized that. The boot-camp has enabled me to go beyond what I was capable of and now I see no limits to my abilities anymore. The bootcamp is really shaping me into the developer that I want to be. I have progressed geometrically from the first day and it is evident in my results. If I continue at this pace, I see myself surpassing any challenges that might come my way.

That is what I want and with my level of motivation and commitment, that is what I will get.

Today’s task was a lot of work. I had to round up with my template design pages, delve more into API routes even though its somehow challenging maybe due to the fact that its my very first time of doing this but thanks to my LFA feedback on how I should be prioritising my time in order for me to meet the daily output deadline.

Git still remains one of my biggest challenge so far but also, it has become one big learning area for me and in the process of trying to learn more on this topic, I’ve came across a blog post and video which has been very helpful.

Honestly, like every other marathon, you will get exhausted, fatigued, overtired, and wish it would come to an end. The winners, however, know they must continue at the right pace until the finish line, no matter how tired they may be. I came to Andela bootcamp to win, to get into the fellowship, and no matter how I feel, I will continue at that right pace till the end.

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