The Real Casualty of the Armed Takeover at Malheur — Americans
War Is Boring

I read up until this part: “ It was carried out by people who, if they hadn’t been white and dressed as cowboys, might have been called ‘terrorists’ and treated as such.”

And it occurred to me that if they weren’t “white and dressed as cowboys”, perhaps they would have been treated as terrorists by the authorities. And just as likely in that case, most left wing writers would be lauding (or at the very least, sympathizing with) the force of will exhibited by an oppressed people who claim some obscure legal rights-to/ownership-of the land (Although they likely wouldn’t characterize the claim as obscure).

And the article went downhill from there. I suppose every writer is entitled to their bias, though it’s pretty transparent here. Transparency in bias tends to undermine persuasion. But hey, I suppose it is late in the day, and maybe it won’t be so tedious tomorrow. I’ll try to wade through it again later maybe…

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