Your logic has been manifested within this article.
Frederick C. Lee

You’ve got me all wrong it seems. I don’t deny climate change at all. In my estimation though, we’re past the point of no return when it comes to prevention, and now we’d be wiser to plan for the aftermath of it — LA, NYC, Miami, and Houston being underwater for starters. Impending crop failures is another area where an ounce of prevention would be worth a pound of cure. Not that I expect anything to be planned for on a societal scale though, because people would generally prefer to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, or that sorting paper from plastic will make an appreciable difference at this point. The time for prevention was the early 00’s, and those have come and gone. The window for prevention has closed. Sorry.

And where you see ignorance of European affairs, I see a more realistic assessment of European affairs. Europe is facing deeply rooted and far-reaching demographic and economic problems. To pretend those don’t exist seems like the height of folly to me. But it’s a problem for Europeans to solve according to their own methods and values. If they should fail in their endeavors, then the consequences of that failure are also theirs’. At least Britain has some sense.

Also, I’m not buying the narrative that “Trump’s a racist”. I simply see no evidence of that. Islam is not a race, but rather, a set of ideas that deeply influences the worldview of its adherents. Since religions and ideas can be changed at will (indeed, it happens daily), I see no reason to attempt to establish Islam as some sort of “protected class”. Regarding Mexico, I don’t see the racism (I’m of Mexican descent). America has a problem with illegal immigration. Whether a wall is the best solution or not is debatable, but to say there’s no problems surrounding illegal immigration is foolish. For the sake of argument, let’s say that Trump might be racist… I probably wouldn’t care all that much. Even if that were the case, there are problems America faces that are far more important and consequential than racism.

I like Bernie Sanders and his ideas. I just don’t think they’d be effective in addressing America’s problems. It’s an ugly world out there (WIB is great site to stay informed about how ugly it gets). Now is not the time for naivete, and that’s how many of Bernie’s ideas strike me.

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