We are all ignorant

© Constantinos Stathias

The media has the seemingly magical ability to influence and shape perceptions and societies. However, when the society they have shaped, holds the belief that we — the West — are superior and thus have the right to civilize the “poor” people of the Middle East, we cannot remain silent.

I raise this issue not because as part of the media we are affected, neither because refugees and immigrants are included on our editorial team. I raise the issue because Solomon’s philosophy and structure is based on the deconstruction of the afore-mentioned ideology, which is reproduced (intentionally or unintentionally) by the media in general.

© Aris Athanatos

The refugee crisis is the “hot topic” of the moment. A recent (controversial) magazine cover where celebrities dressed in orange lifejackets posed as refugees did not surprise us. It was only a matter of time before the Greek media would portray the refugee issue in such an inept manner. It is important to stress that we do not personally target any of the people in the photograph. It was inevitable that something like this would occur, with or without their participation, or via that particular medium.

Certainly, “we are all refugees,” however we are all ignoring the elephant in the room and at some point, this needs to be addressed!

Written by Fanis Kollias | Edited by Gigi Papoulias

cover photo credits: Aris Athanatos

backstage photo credits: Constantinos Stathias

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