It’s not ignorance, it’s not that I don’t know, it’s more that I don’t know yet…

Uncertainty is this. The union of lips to produce uncertain sounds…

— “Ermmmmm….”

Uncertainty is not knowing where this line finishes but beginning to wish I had never begun to research these things. WHY. These. con-cepts. that. make minds. blow. do.not. make. sense but nonetheless I delve deeper into the ether.

In pursuit, my gaze is fixed. I must pursue this instinct and continue to seek her — My soul’s dessert making me desert all inhibitions.

I’m on a mission. These words are not mine. They are God’s. Already written..and as I read them back, I offer myself permission to break through the gates of this prison.



Of course,

I’m still here!

Still listen-ing.

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