Andela Boot-Camp Day 3, The Journey continues…

Its Day-3 of the Andela Cycle-26 Boot-Camp program. I am happy to still be here, stretching my self to limits I never expected i could reach. The last two days have been quite hectic and fun at the same time. the learning never stops.

Yesterday, I studied Object Oriented Programming and its concomitant concepts such as Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism. I was able to apply the result of my study to deliver on the required output for the day. I created a model of a real world scenario (Bank Accounts and its different variants and deposit/Withdrawal features) and implemented it in the new ECMAScript 6. it was fun creating the different classes establishing the logical relationships. It particularly helped sharpen my creative skills and somehow, the success of the task helped me become a lot calmer and eased up!

One thing I have picked up from my experience so far is the ability to focus and press forward even in the face of challenges and set backs. There have been moments when i would pick up a piece of tutorial and just gawk at the lessons like a young boy on his first day at school. In-spite of these challenges and brief moments of ostensible ineptitude, Ijust keep motivating myself with a can-do attitude!

Let me share an experience…So yesterday, after completing my outputs for the day and responding to feed-backs, I immediately moved to proceed with the boot-camp project (did somebody say time to rest??? No time). I decided to stay up late so as to study on building JavaScript web applications using Express, Node JS and postgreSQL as database and perhaps also do some study on Restful APIs and finally set up all back-end dependencies for my project. With absolutely zero prior experience to these kind of things, this became my most challenging learning experience so far in this boot-camp. I stared at the lessons and read through the paragraphs all night, i felt like i was studying another programming language with very low level syntax! Quite unproductive night…am sure you can relate.

However, slowly but progressively, I am improving. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the experience this boot-camp is giving to me. I am so happy to be a part of it. Even if I do not make it into Andela this cycle, I am very positive that I am coming out of this much stronger and better and smarter than I was before boot-camp. That is my motivation!

I am not scared of failing, I will keep trying and keep refactoring my skills and working on feed-backs till I become world class. The whole thing is really challenging, packed with lots of fast-paced learning and simultaneous delivery but we signed up for it because we love it and I don’t know if I am qualified to say this yet but …

THIS IS ANDELA !!! You only lose, when you stop trying to win
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