A change focused Improvement Experience

I have always been an advocate of “learning at my own pace”. I never saw a reason why anyone should have to compel me to complete a learning outcome in a certain time frame. I saw the current educational system as faulty because it always ends up creating a culture of study without adequate attention to required details, most probably because the desired end is to pass an examination.

In as much as it is quite desirable to be able to learn at your pace, recent experiences have made it especially clear to me, why strict adherence to self-paced learning could not be so good. There are instances when you would have to meet very strict deadlines, relating to work projects and here, you can not just take as much time as you like to learn about the required tools.

Its the second week of the Andela cycle-26 boot-camp and the experience has been simply life changing. Asides the myriad of programming and software development concepts I have had to learn in a very short while, the boot-camp is also transforming my person. We have been working on building a full stack application and using lots of different frameworks and moving from practically ground zero to where I am now has been so unbelievable to me. It has been hectic really, with having to learn so much at the same time and apply learning to hands-on development. I have had to adapt to the incredibly dynamic style of learning the boot-camp has offered.

More importantly, I have had to ditch my stereotyped perception of the learning process and adopt a more flexible process. Adaptation has been key. From sleepless nights to sitting in front of a computer screen for hours,staring at blocks of unfamiliar code. I have had to skim through texts, ditch a few details, pick key points, meet others for explanations and do a lot of the things I never used to do. Personally, I have learnt to be more flexible to thrive in any difficult situation. Being a programming newbie, I have had to change a lot of old habits and modes of operation. All these are simply reflective of the need for strong adaptability. Little wonder Max Mckeown had to point out that:

All failure is failure to adapt, All success is successful adaptation…

During the course of the boot-camp, I have also learnt the importance of collaboration. The folks at Andela hold collaboration as a very important value for aspiring Andelans. Of course, this should be because no man is an island of knowledge. I particularly appreciate the sessions where we would have to bond and form useful relationships during lunch and even while working. Asides being able to lend a helping hand to the needy, collaboration also opens you to newer dimensions of doing things and by teaching, you learn as well. The realization of these Andela values has posed great changes to my day to day activities and also improved my approach to challenges.

I would like to close this off with this quote from Steven Anderson:

Alone, we are smart, together, we are BRILLIANT!
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