!! Becoming an Andelan , the journey so far

!!Andela!! A place I want to be

Doing what one loves and succeeding at it for the long haul doesn’t come as easy as one thinks.

It’s already the third day of participating in the Andela Boot Camp, and on this day, I got to know more about the culture that exists amongst the Andelans and the importance of the Andela EPIC value. Each word in “EPIC” actually stands for “Excellence”, “Passion”, “Integrity”, and “Collaboration”. But interestingly, epic means a long narrative poem written in an elevated style, in which heroes of great historical or legendary importance perform various deeds.

What wows me most is how Andela raises people to become word class developers through self-learning. On this day, we were given a challenge on binary search, finding missing numbers between two arrays and a front-end development challenge. I learnt how binary search could be performed on an array of sorted numbers.

The front end challenge was the challenge I enjoyed most, I cloned the Yahoo login page using Hypertext Mark-up Language and Cascading Style Sheet, finally I had the opportunity to build a web interface.

Andela boot-camp has been a mix for me, what I mean is; it has been challenging and interesting for me, finally I had the opportunity to leave my comfort zone of learning at my pace to learning at the speed of light.

If you have the opportunity to attend the Andela boot-camp and you remain the same, then you didn’t pass through Andela’s boot-camp.

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