Sometimes we find ourselves trapped: caught up in relationships that make us feel that we can’t quite quit them. Relationships that have been with us for so long, that we feel we should not let them go, however toxic they might be. So, we choose to stay, even when it’s killing us.

We find ourselves unable to quit on relationships we have had for so long, even when they become reliable sources of torment.

Yet, we must always prioritize our mental health when choosing the people around us.

Our right to tell our stories

Courage sometimes means gathering the strength to say no to relationships that…

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto first described Bitcoin in a paper in 2008, Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin has captured the imaginations of many the world over. Years later and the outlook of blockchain remains extremely positive. In fact, a majority of people who have been closely following its advancement believe that blockchain represents the future of financial transactions.

In their minds, there is little doubt that in the near future, blockchain will have impinged on every aspect of life, for practically everyone on the planet. Therefore, for such a disruptive technological force, it is imperative that we seek to understand…

In February 2016, when a federal judge instructed Apple to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in unlocking one iPhone used by one of San Bernardino shooters in December 2015, the public was largely divided on which side to support.

On one hand, many supported Apple in its refusal to unlock the phone, based on the conviction that doing so would create a backdoor through which authorities and hackers could get access to any iPhone. …

SD-WAN uses software-defined networking (SDN) techniques to automatically identify the most cost-effective way to distribute network traffic without compromising performance.

What is SD-WAN? To answer this question, consider this scenario: you are a wide area network (WAN) manager in a big corporation. Your primary task is to ensure the company’s WAN architecture operates optimally as the demands for bandwidth grow, within the confines of a limited network budget. What’s more, your efforts at WAN design optimization should not sacrifice performance. How do you go about this?

SD-WAN comes to the rescue. SD-WAN stands for a software-defined wide-area network. It refers to a software-based WAN architecture for effective network traffic distribution in big organizations with an array of geographically-dispersed data centers…

Solomon N.

I’m a technical writer, author, and SEO specialist. When I’m not working, you will find me singing my favorite tunes or reading a book.

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