My Andela Experience

It is my second day in boot-camp at Andela and the experience has been very interesting so far.

One of the things that excites me about the experience is the love and excellence in the atmosphere. These can be felt in the way the facilitators discuss among themselves and when they have to give feedback to the boot-campers. One can be sure that whatever is being said to him especially feedback, is an attempt to bring out the best in him .

We were also introduced to the a concept: ‘You Own Your Own’ (YOYO). The concept takes into consideration the fact that people learn at different pace. While someone can read a chapter of a book once and understands the message being passed, another person may need to read the same chapter a number of times before he can grasp the idea being communicated.

Furthermore, the soft skills that I have had to learn on my own during the period are priceless.

The topic on Growth Mindset explains the difference between someone with a Fixed mindset and the one with a Growth Mindset. The former believes that if he makes an attempt to achieve a thing and fails, then that thing is not meant for him. However, the latter sees the failure as a learning experience and an opportunity to be a better person.

These has been some of the experiences that I have gained so far and I intend to apply them to my personal life in my journey to becoming a better and more productive person everyday.

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