Why I was suspended from Upwork?

UPDATE: I was able to get my account back. Upwork contacted me and we worked things out. They said those emails were sent to me by mistake.

Imagine this. You just finished your college degree waiting to embark on the freelance experience. You sign up to Upwork and fill out everything on your profile truthfully. You also upgrade your membership to the $10 a month plan to get more connects and see the average bids. Then you search for jobs write out some proposals and wait for the results. Finally someone responds to your proposal and you and the client agree on the terms.

Sounds good right?

Then out of the blue you get this.

Now your just looking at your screen like…

So what do you do?

Well what I did is click “contact customer support” from the image above, which takes me to their support page. Needless to say that didn’t help at all because I couldn’t find any information about accounts being suspended.

So I called Upwork’s global headquarters to find out why my account was suspended. The support person tells me that he will look into it and get back to me via email within 24 hours.

During the wait I get this email from upwork.

After reading the email I click the rebrand link and it takes me to a new chat window. I won’t name names but someone enters the chat and tells me that we need to do a video call for verifications purposes just like the email stated. I agree to this and click the link I was sent to start the video call.

Now here are where things get weird.

The video call starts and the person greets me and tells me to stay on the video call while they review my account. After they finish reviewing my account, I am told that the call is over and we will get back to you via email on the status of your account. During the entire video call the person did not ask me 1 question at all, which was weird since that was the point of the video call.

Anyways waiting for the email I get another email, the follow up from my phone call earlier.

I didn’t even know how to respond to this since I’ve never had an account that was suspended. I respond to this email by saying, “I have never created an account with upwork. This is my first and only account.”

Then about 20 minutes later I get the followup email from the video call for verification.

This is email blew my mind. The entire video call I was not asked any questions, so the only information they would have would be what I look like since it was a video call.

Then the email from earlier that I responded to that accused me of creating a duplicate account sent me a response.

Violating upwork policies? What have I done?


In conclusion I have a suspended upwork account. I have been told two different reasons to why my account is closed. None of which make any sense. Hopefully upwork can help resolve this and I can work with the client that Ispent hours on a platform getting. Not to mention taking the skill tests and making sure my profile was filled 100%