There are a variety of electric guitars present in the market today. The versatility of these guitars makes them an option for various kinds of music. Despite their versatility certain types of electric guitars are preferred for certain music styles. They are known for their metallic and sustained sound. Their strings are thinner than those of the acoustic guitar and more to that they’re close to the neck. This makes it ideal for fret-tapping. This is a technique for creating melody lines and chords. It’s mostly used for the renowned rock music, pop and jazz music.

Types of electric guitars

They are broadly divided into solid-body electric guitars and semi acoustic guitars. Solid-body guitars are of solid timber lack a resonating chamber like that in the acoustic. They are the most common guitars in this category. In addition they are all purpose and can be used in a wide range of music styles. A few of the most popular example is as below. The Stratocaster is in fact the most famous of all the electric guitar types. Players using this guitar have the advantage of accessing higher frets. They are also a versatile kind with spread out use from heavy metal to country music. The second type is the highly imitated telecaster. It is designed in a much simpler way than the Stratocaster. Previously it was mostly said to be used in country music but over time it’s been used in other styles of music. It is however not a preferred suit for metal and heavy rock music owing to its ‘thin’ sound. Les Paul is another type produced in the 50s and commonly referred to as a heavyweight guitar. They are popularly known for their sustained thick sound making it a preferred choice by players who play heavy rock. More to this it is also more expensive than the telecaster. Gibson SG is lighter than Les Paul. In its design it has a long neck and a twin horn. In addition it possesses independent controls for tone and volume. Its characteristic thick and powerful sound makes it well suited for metal and blues. Other players enjoying this guitar due to its growing popularity are the indie players.

The hollow-bodied semi acoustic guitars have a distinct dynamic and warm sound. They lack a usable sound if played acoustically meaning that they’re dependent on an amplifier. Depending on your preferred type DIY kits are available for your desired custom made guitar.

Electric guitar Necks

In light of the different specifications by players, different neck designs are available for electric guitars. They are distinguished by how they attach to the body. The most common and often preferred is the bolt on neck. This is because it can be easily installed and adjusted if need arises. More to this, it can be easily removed for replacement. The second type is set-in neck. This type is glued to the body. It can be unglued for replacement if need arises. It has the advantage of producing a sustained warm tone. The neck-through on the other hand has the neck extent equivalent to the instrument’s length.

Sound effects

The sound effect in electric guitars is wholly dependent on pickup signals unlike in the acoustic where it’s dependent on vibration of the air inside the body. The signal produced can be modified as it passes through various devices to give the desired tone. Coloration is added by speakers and amplifiers.

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