Weekly report!

Well, We have to write weekly report during this program since we are participating in this. For the last week, it was my literally official first full week with class. I have morning class with over 20 exchange students from Germany and France on level 3 of Spanish from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm. It is quite hard to catch everything since I am total beginner for Spanish. But my classmates and teacher are helping me genuinely. So it is not that harsh as expected. Plus, my adaptation ability is higher since I’m Mongolian. We learned past simple and past perfect tense this week. It helps me lot to improve vocabulary especially verbs.

After the class, I eat lunch in university. There are bunch of small cafes in university, literally every building has own cafe. But most of them sell drinks and pastry. So personally, I prefer cafe on terrace 5th floor of engineering school because of the view. Also, they sell cheap meal there. After lunch, I walk around university to chill or directly go to library to do my homework. Also, there are bunch of library in every building. I like one in postgraduate school of humanitarian. They have sofas there and I can sleep on them. Also, architecture of building is unique and reflects lot of sunlight. The most important thing is there is not that much people in there and it is quiet inside.

Terrace on 5th floor (Engineering school)

I have another class which is from 16:00–18:00 pm. And I have classmates from Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, USA, Philippines, Thailand and Nigeria. We are having fun there while learning. Teacher is nice and we are big family with around 15 people. It is level 1 of Spanish. So there is no headache for me to catch everything. But most of my classmates have been living here for several months. So their speaking language and vocabulary is better than me.

Library in Postgraduate school of Humanitary

For the adaptation, now it makes sense that how I should handle everything here. I have roommates from China, Indonesia and Vietnam. We are 5 girls rented 3 bedroom apartment. And we really enjoy our time together. We help each other, support each other and share our experiences. So I’m satisfied with everything in my apartment and roommates.

With Mama Lili (Our landlord but nice new mama)

Even weather is too volatile here, I can say I’m adapted with it since it is similar to the weather of spring in Mongolia. For the food, I like food a lot especially fruits. Currently, I’m cooking since there is still some language barrier for me to eat outside. Also it is more affordable and healthy. But I’m wondering why chocolate here is so expensive since grain is grown here.

Also, I get lost because of the bus changes the route. It was 9th of August and they close the downtown road to make more space for bike. So bus cannot stop on the station that I usually go back home. Instead of that, it stops somewhere in Bogota. And I asked my roommates come and pick me up. And we are hanging around using the occasion while we are seeing around small vendors on the street and eat street foods. It was our first night experience in Bogota.

9th of August on the street