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Jun 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Defining the sales channel: A broad audience does not always mean a better return on sales. To find the optimal solution, the We Buy Houses Flipping Companies are at your side. The right sales channel can speed up the sales process. In addition, they have built a large potential buyer network for

Organization of viewing appointments & time savings: Whether processing of advertisements, telephone calls, discussions with prospects or visits: tasks such as these need little technical knowledge, but a lot of effort and time.

And also:

  • The professional saves your hassle of price and contract negotiations.
  • Professional and specific advice
  • knows the local market and can make a better price
  • Maybe faster sale
  • Well-founded real estate know-how
  • Many years of placement experience
  • Emotional distance to the object creates good negotiating position
  • Access to potential prospects via existing files
  • Achieving the best possible selling price through professional approach and use of successful marketing tools
  • Enough time to arrange sightseeing and counseling sessions
  • Knowledge of the processing, notary etc.
  • Price valuation of your property
  • Preparation of the documents relating to the property
  • Advice on contractual matters
  • Creation and processing of photo and video material for the living space
  • Development and implementation of a marketing strategy depending on the target group
  • Organization and execution of inspection dates
  • Preparation of a purchase agreement, together with a notary
  • easy transfer of the object

Disadvantages of We Buy Houses Flipping Companies

Fraudulent Flipping Companies: Unfortunately, there are a number of reputable Flipping Companies and some black sheep in the pool. These have only one goal: to disturb sales willing.

Unreliable Flipping Companies: In rare cases you may find yourself with an unreliable Flipping Companies who does not keep you informed about the status of your home sales — this is more common in larger real estate agencies marketing like

High brokerage commission: The so-called brokerage fee of a Flipping Companies is not exactly low: Depending on the region and real estate object, the costs amount to around 1 to 5 percent of the selling price.

And also:

  • Problems in determining the right market price
  • In general, too little expertise about real estate
  • Lack of security in price negotiations and contractual issues can be expensive
  • In general, insufficient reference to the real estate market
  • Emotional attachment to the object burdens negotiations
  • The high time required is often underestimated
  • Usually no experience, how to present an object in advance professionally in the synopsis or on the Internet


Consider exactly whether We Buy Houses Flipping Companies make sense for the sale of your property. Are you barely aware of the real estate industry, or do you feel insecure? Are you worried that the nature of your object is difficult to convey? Then the involvement of a ‘We Buy Houses Flipping Companies’ make sense.

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