Inspired Poster Designs from Jim Tuckwell

On a voyage travelling through the wildest, darkest depths of the Internet (Tumblr), I stumbled across some truly inspired poster designs by graphic designer Jim Tuckwell. His fantastic take on some classic cult films which he had then re-imagined and confined to the well-known, familiar universe of Pixar’s classic from the mid-90’s Toy Story. Being both a film and design fan as well as being a child of the 1990’s this are some posters I could not ignore. Let’s take a look.

Currently residing in (as he describes) ‘The most isolated city of the world (Perth)’, Jim works as a designer and has been most recently working on designs for the ‘Lost In’ tourism website. However, the work that has really captured the imaginations of his peers has however been his ‘Toy Stories’ project. This work has sparked great interest over the past few years with its periodic rediscoveries bringing it to the attention of more and more fans.

As well as the classic films mixed with Toy Story, Jim has also made a name for himself with his beautifully and carefully created Game of Thrones playing cards. The project has been carefully constructed over time and a lot of thought has been invested in how the houses in the books represent each suit as well as well as the painstaking decision on how to represent each character. Jim’s work has also been a direct influence on fellow designer Paul Nojima who was amazed with his Game of Thrones playing cards and decided to finish creating an entire deck incorporating Tucker’s existing designs.

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