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Sergey Soloviov
Feb 18, 2017 · 1 min read

Sometimes I look back at my experience with recruiters and can’t believe how many opportunities I missed because the agents said I didn’t have the right experience.

From all ridiculous reasons to turn me down my personal favourite is ‘our client is looking for a PM who’s done projects on Drupal and you haven’t.’ The fact that a worthy PM can learn a new CMS in a couple of weeks is surprisingly hard for them to comprehend.

Honestly lads, you’re chasing the wrong things.

Here is my message in a bottle about why hiring a PM with no experience in your sector (or platform/technology/you-name-it) can be good for your project.

They’re better motivated, because the project is more challenging for them.

You get unexpected insights from their experience with other sectors.

Ability to learn is a much more valuable asset than knowledge of your industry.

They won’t slow you down dramatically: the rest of the team won’t let them.

If they’ve projects of a similar complexity for clients in different industries before, they will also do yours.

Sergey Soloviov

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