How to buy SolPay

3 min readOct 24, 2021

In this article we will explain as easy as possible how to buy our SolPay tokens on Raydium.

Step 1 : Download Phantom wallet

You need a wallet to buy Solpay, to get one go to this link:

Click on the “Add to chrome” button.

Click on the “add to chrome” button to add it to chrome. Then when you arrive on the Chrome web store page click on:

Step 2 : Transfer SOL to your new wallet

Click on the phantom icon on the upper right corner of your Chrome browser:

Phantom wallet icon on Chrome.

If you don’t see the Phantom wallet icon click on:

Chrome extensions icon

and then to the Phantom wallet icon.

After that, copy your wallet address (pubkey) like in the image below:

Then transfer SOLANA (SOL) to your wallet address that you have copied from another exchange like Binance, or from another Solana Wallet.

Step 3 : Convert SOL to USDC

By clicking the bottom of your Phantom wallet you can convert your SOL into USDC, just click the icon like the image below:

Note: keep a small amount of SOL for transaction fee’s.

Step 4 : Buy SolPay

When you have finished converting your SOL to USDC you can now go to this link below:

Then wait a few seconds to make the pair SOLPAY/USDC appear, and then swap how many USDC you want:

Just put the amount of USDC in the first field and you will see in the second field the amount of SOLPAY that you will receive.

That’s it.

If you have any problem when buying SolPay contact us here:

And we will help you ASAP.

Thank you so much.