SolPay WhitePaper

4 min readOct 24, 2021

What is SolPay?

SolPay is a Solana based DeFi token that aims to create the biggest Solana DeFi ecosystem, and create it with the lowest fee’s possible.

With some great project on the way and a great community Solpay will aim to became the 1' DeFi Solana Token on the market.

Current Status:

We are currently in a Pre-sale.

Token will launch on Raydium on 1th November 2021. All the presale buyers will receive their amount of SolPay in their wallet when supply will be added, and also partecipate in an airdrop.

What will be the total circulating supply of SolPay?

The total amount of SolPay that exists are 100'000'000 SolPay. Also SolPay is a deflationary token, so there will be never more than 100'000'000 SolPay in circulation.

In the future there is the possibility of some SolPay burns to decrease the circulating supply and increase their value.

Also ad the Solpay team we will do giveaway’s and airdrop’s (only a few) to get to the community their love back.

Solpay token allocation

What features are you looking to implement?

We are almost done with our trading platform which is based on Serum’s GUl.

The next features include: Pools/farms, SolPay’s token swap, our very own Launchpad with priority given to Solana-based projects, those are
the features which are we looking at currently.

We also want to create 2 platforms for helping blockchain creators like youtuber’s, twitter crypto page’s and even other type of influencers to make a living of Crypto’s.

The first platform will be a Patreon-like platform (Development name: Soleon) that you can easily setup and use to receive anonim support from your fan’s, with low to none fee’s applied. This will allow creators to receive constant support from their fans and grow the cryptocurrencies community. Also creators will be able to mint their NFT and sell them or give them for free to their fans.

The second platform will aim to help people on a daily basis transfer their money from a wallet to another, and also for example create a payment, add the wallet that need to pay and how much they have to pay to receive a Multi-payment in one go. This is something new on the blockchain scene.

Also the payments in our SolWise will have low to none fee’s and you will receive a Cashback in SolPay for every transaction.

Where i can buy Solpay?

Us of now you can currently buy SolPay on Raydium that is one of the biggest Solana Platform’s on the market. The link to buy Solpay is there:

If you don’t know how to buy it, check out our guide:


Q4 2021

Launch of our token, website redesign, ui&ux improvment, team expansion, first beta of our trading platform.

Q1 2022

Launch of our official SolPay Swap, IDO Launchpad.

Q2 2022

SolPay NFT Marketplace and unique SolPay NFT’s Minting.

Q3 2022

Creation of our SolPay patreon-like website (Not final name: Soleon) and first influencers interactions + first beta testers.

Q4 2022

Finilized our Soleon webapp to start creating our influencers-fans ecosystem.

Q1 2023

Creation of our SolPay money transfer website (Not final name: SolWise) and first influencers interactions + first beta testers

Q2 2023

Finilized our SolWise webapp to start let people transfer their money and expand our ecosystem.

Q3 2023

Another bigger Platform will be announced. That will change forever the passive income Solana landscape. More news to come. Code name: SolPass.

Q4 2023

Roadmap definition and updates.

Where i can get help with my SolPay?

you can ask directly to the Solpay team by sending a message on our Twitter account:

or you can contact us by tagging @admin on our telegram chat group, we will never DM you first.