Graphite Protocol IDO: Products & Services, IDO Details, and The Taiyo Ecosystem

5 min readJan 25


The Basics — What is Graphite Protocol?

Please note that the following is an introductory article about Graphite Protocol & the upcoming IDO. In the following days, a comprehensive whitepaper will be posted on the official Graphite Website.

Graphite Protocol: Products & Services

Graphite Mainframe

Graphite Mainframe is a custom minting contract that aims to replace the current standard for Solana mints, which is known as Candy Machine.

What makes Graphite Mainframe different from Candy Machine?

  1. Antibot Security — Like the Solport/Taiyo Launchpad, the custom contract has proven its ability to thwart botting attempts and ensure a smooth and enjoyable minting process for all participants
  2. Advanced Customization — Under this contract the user will have the ability to set up mints in the following fashion(s): Raffle mints, dynamic mints, dutch auction mints, and coin flip mints — all with the ability to accept different forms of SPL tokens in each phase. The contract also has the ability to “bucket” presale & whitelist allocations without the use of external services. See below for an example of a fun custom mint that is possible under the mainframe

A) Phase 1: Whitelist/Presale participants mint their allocated supply in BONK (example SPL token)

B) Phase 2 Public: X supply can be minted in SOL via a dynamic dutch auction style mint where prices are subject to change based on demand

C) Phase 3 Public: X supply can be minted in BONK via FCFS (first come first serve)


Mintport is a preset custom minting contract that Solana enjoyers can operate without any coding skills. Have you ever wanted to create a collection, but don’t have the skills to make it come to life? Head over to Mintport — Just drag and drop the json, metadata and csvs files and you’re ready to go. Have you heard of “Launch my NFT?” If the answer is yes then think of Mintport as an upgraded and supercharged version of that product…and when you click mint you’ll actually receive an NFT instead of a failed transaction; simplicity and functionality all wrapped into the cleanest minting UI on Solana. Mintport will be an onramp to assist in mass scale adoption for Graphite Mainframe Machine.

Graphite Labels Services — Crosschain

Graphite Labels is a tool suite with an array of different applications based on new trends in the NFT market/Crypto Ecosystem. The main purpose of the tool suite is to automatically deploy applications that are selected by the consumer. A custom non-custodial staking contract is a primary example of an application that will be immediately available. These applications will be available on other blockchains in order to scale the protocol’s ecosystem presence and increase profitability.

HQ Production Suite

The production suite will offer high quality trailers to consumers. Check out the Taiyo Pilots trailer for reference in the link below.

How can consumers access these products & services?

Consumers will pay fees, in Graphite Protocol Token, to access the aforementioned products & services.

IDO Information

What is Graphite Protocol IDO?

The Graphite Protocol IDO is the official public sale of the Graphite Utility Token. The Protocol’s underlying products and services include the following: Graphite Mainframe, Mintport, Graphite Labels Services, HQ Production Suite, and much more.

How the Graphite Protocol IDO Works

On February 9th, 2023 there will be 2 Million Graphite Tokens allocated towards the public sale of the IDO. Users from select regions, due to varying laws regarding token sales, will be able to participate.

Graphite Protocol Raise

The Graphite Protocol team, led by Solport Tom, conducted a small private raise, consisting of prominent Solana community members, in order to finance the legal costs to bring this token to life.

Token Supply, Allocation, Vesting

The total token supply for Graphite Protocol is 150 Million tokens.


Private Investors: 18 Months Vested

Graphite Team: 30 Months Vested

Advisory: 120 Months Vested

Certain regions may be prohibited from participating in the public IDO

Taiyo Ecosystem

Taiyo Robotics Genesis/Generation 2

Taiyo Robotics will be a major beneficiary of The Graphite Protocol IDO. After the IDO, Taiyo Gen1 & Gen2 will be able to earn graphite via staking. The staking rewards are determined by a milestone system: The longer that elect to stake your robot for, the more graphite you receive. Milestone timelines are as follows: 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, 180 days, and 365 days. Users will be able to look up mint addresses, per NFT, to track how much graphite each NFT has earned. Please see the minimum token reward breakdown below.

Gen 1:

Rewards (Assumes 100% of collection staked): 25,758.56 Graphite Per NFT

Rewards (Assumes 88.2% of collection staked): 28,475.13 Graphite Per NFT

Rewards (Expected 95% of collection staked): 26,844.42 Graphite Per NFT

Gen 2:

Rewards (Assumes 100% of collection staked): 8,938.99 Graphite Per NFT

Rewards (Assumes 88.2% of collection staked): 9,152.31 Graphite Per NFT

Rewards (Expected 95% of collection staked): 9,028.67 Graphite Per NFT

Graphite Shards

Graphite shards are the NFT form of Graphite token which can be minted by exchanging $SCRAP. The NFTs are frozen until after the IDO ends. Once unfrozen, shards will emit graphite daily until the shard is empty.

Taiyo Pilots

Taiyo Pilots are a brand new expansion of the current Taiyo ecosystem. With a NFT collection size of 12,500, Pilots aim to bring much more exposure to both Taiyo and Graphite Protocol. The lore-rich, community driven collection will have the opportunity to earn graphite by participating in interactive events and raids. 15% of Graphite Supply will go towards this allocation.


Betfomo, the first official sub-brand, went live in early December 2022. The online casino has shown impressive revenue despite the lack of official promotion and marketing. Since its inception, Betfomo has performed very well and current projections estimate between $50,000 and $150,000 in profits per month. 50% of Betfomo’s profits will flow back into supporting the Graphite Token Ecosystem.

The Team has ambitions to create an adult industry related sub-brand given their expertise in the Web-2 side of that business.

The creation and acquisition of sub-brands will be a way to tie revenue back into the token. The team will leverage their 10+ years of experience in Web-2 to bring in veteran CEOs to run these brands.