Cure Found for Sneakertosis Epidemic

by sōlscience staff writer

“We never fathomed the day would arrive where our solution would end up becoming the source of an unimaginably advanced and unfamiliar problem.”

It works! HYPER ANTIDŌT’s successful hyper-charging tested alongside Nike’s HYPER ADAPTs.
January 8, 2040: Matching the LED colorway with our inspiration, the Hyper Adapts.
HYPER ANTDT shown hyper-charging
  • Wireless hyper-charger with “Activation Status” glow indicator
  • Hyper-woven carbon fiber carrying case
  1. Remove HYPER ANTIDŌT’s vacuum sealed packaging and place on hyper-charger.
  2. The charger’s glow indicator will begin to flash rapidly inducing an electro-magnetic current at a high pulse rate to activate and hyper-charge the formula.
  3. After 10–15 seconds, the flashing indicator will begin to slow and stabilize its glow.
  4. HYPER ANTIDŌT is now ready to use — the formula inside the bottle will stay activated for approximately 5 minutes.

The Inspiration Behind HYPER ANTIDŌT

By Dylan Tokumasa, R&D Project Leader